SAVE for Rome, Employees Dedicate a Day to Renew Elementary School

on October 12, 2018
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On the 3rd of October, more than 50 Samsung Electronics Italy (SEI) employees participated in SAVE for Rome, a volunteer project dedicated to renewing Rome’s Aldo Fabrizi Elementary School. This project is part of the SAVE SAmsung Volunteer Employee initiative, which aims to provide all SEI employees with an opportunity to play an active role in hands-on projects for the society they live in. Last July, more than 250 SEI employees took part in SAVE for Milan, renewing the Robert Baden-Powell Park. Other SEI employees took part in SAVE for Kids, renovating the Benedetta D’intino Foundation, a center for children who experience difficulties in communication.


Samsung Electronics Italy employees repaint the outside walls of Aldo Fabrizi Elementary School in Rome


Employees focused mainly on renovating the entrance of the school, repainting the entrance gate and the fences, as well as walls and benches vandalized by graffiti and writing.


Aldo Fabrizi Elementary School sports a fresh look after SAVE for Rome (right)


SAVE for Rome was organized in collaboration with Retake Rome, a “non-profit and non-partisan movement of citizens, engaged in the  fight against degradation” of metropolitan areas in and around the communities of Rome. The effort was also in-part a collaboration with the students of Aldo Fabrizi, as they volunteered to participate in the renovation by painting parts of the school. The activities students took part in gave them not only an excellent opportunity to learn to give back to the communities for a common good, but also an example of a culture of giving.


Students show enthusiasm in repainting their school


Samsung, as leader in technology, strives to provide various solutions to improve people’s lives and help them Do What You Can’t. SAVE for Rome is just one example of Samsung and its employees giving back to the community and investing in the future of the children. This project is also a part of the annual Samsung Global Volunteer Festival held in October, a broader approach for Samsung employees to positively impact communities around them.



Additional Images

Students are happy with the new stepping circles they helped paint


Fences are first sandpapered down to remove paint chips and rust


Samsung employees are happy to coat the fence with blue paint


The dark, rusty, chipped fence turns into a clean, welcoming gate


Many brushes and rollers were needed to cover all the spots


The walls outside the school were previously heavily spotted with graffiti. Samsung employees apply a base coat on the walls before helping it restore its original color


This project was part of SAVE – SAmsung Volunteer Employee initiative, which aims to provide SEI employees with an opportunity to play an active role in hands-on projects for the society they live in

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