Samsung Shows Its Commitment to Going Green by Building Handmade Eco Trails in Taiwan

on August 27, 2018
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The two-year Hehuan North Peak Trail Adoption Program aims to protect Taiwan’s alpine environment through natural rehabilitation methods and the use of local materials

In 2016, Samsung Electronics’ “UP TO 3742- Top of the Ridge” exhibition used Samsung Galaxy mobile devices to capture the stunning beauty of Taiwanese mountain ridges and to present them to gallery visitors. In 2018, Samsung Taiwan has continued to honor its commitment to the protecting the environment by enlisting corporate volunteers to combat erosion at Hehuan North Peak. Volunteers each carried 1kg of rock and soil to repair paths by hand, creating eco trails and raising awareness of environmental sustainability. Samsung Electronics Taiwan has also officially launched a two-year maintenance program for mountain trails in the Hehuan North Peak area.


Samsung Electronics Taiwan employees volunteered to help repair the eco trails at Hehuan North Peak in the Taroko National Park


“Samsung Electronics Taiwan is committed to environmental conservation in Taiwan and giving back to society through community engagement,” said Randy Lee, Head of Innovation Group, Samsung Electronics Taiwan. “The adoption program went through nearly a year of internal planning and preparations before we began negotiations with the Taroko National Park Management Office. In mid-July, the first Samsung volunteers went to Hehuan North Peak to repair the eco trails by hand and thereby make a small contribution to environmental conservation in Taiwan.”



Samsung Taiwan Joins Forces with Taroko National Park to Help Maintain Its Wonderful Mountains and Forests

Hehuan North Peak is ranked as one of Taiwan’s most beautiful mountains and is considered a “friendly” entry-level peak. The breathtaking scenery can be seen from winding mountain paths which pass through groves of arrow bamboo. Due to high tourist numbers, the canopy has sustained severe damage, resulting in serious erosion to the hiking trails.


“On certain stretches of the Hehuan North Peak hiking trail the soil has become compacted and worn due to repeated trampling by hikers,” Mr. Teng-Wen Chang, Deputy Superintendent, Taroko National Park Management Office, commented on the issue. “The added impact of rainwater erosion has led to the formation of numerous gullies, which has created a dire need for repairs, education and management. Handmade eco trails represent an environmentally friendly solution. We are deeply grateful to Samsung Electronics for adopting the Hehuan North Peak in a pioneering move to promote environmental sustainability through concrete action.”


The number of employee volunteers repairing the hiking trail at Hehuan North Peak is expected to grow as Samsung Electronics Taiwan and Taroko National Park agreed to a two-year “Hehuan North Peak Trail Adoption Agreement”


Starting May 2018, Samsung Electronics Taiwan began to implement the two-year “Hehuan North Peak Trail Adoption Agreement” with the Taroko National Park Management Office. In addition to the joint promotion of environmental education activities, every two months Samsung Electronics Taiwan will send volunteers on a six-day visit to repair and maintain the hiking trails at Hehuan North Peak, clean the area around the “Little Valley” campsite, and inspect and report facility damage.



Volunteers Make Valuable Contributions to the Repair of Hehuan Hiking Trails

Each step of the trail takes roughly one hour to repair. Suitable stone and mud are collected locally and transported to the construction site on foot. The stone has to be chiseled and combined with mud to build edged paths that will help combat water damage and soil erosion, taking into account the direction of the slope to provide appropriate drainage for the repaired trail surface. As every aspect of the repair project is intricately connected, Samsung Electronics Taiwan’s employees underwent pre-trip training and complete altitude acclimatization, making sure they were effective in their volunteer activities.


The rocks and soil used to mend the Hehuan North Peak hiking trails were collected locally and manually transported to the repair sites


“The construction of a handmade eco trail requires great physical effort,” said Wei-Hsiung Chan, culture researcher and hiking enthusiast. “Though these trails will not last forever, it is through our interactions with the mountains that we develop a respect and love for nature. We find ourselves less self-centered and humbled before Mother Nature.”


The original story, in Chinese, is available at Samsung Newsroom Taiwan.



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Employees underwent pre-trip training and altitude acclimatization prior to taking part in the volunteer activities at Hehuan Mountain


The eco trails at Hehuan North Peak were hand-repaired using local materials

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