Smart TV Service Update Streamlines Users’ Connection to Their Favorite Content

on January 7, 2017
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Live TV on a big screen hasn’t gone away – far from it – but it’s now one of many choices for TV watching. Today’s consumers enjoy access to a wide range of diverse and compelling television content including broadcast TV, cable, streaming services and so on. And they don’t just watch it on TV, they watch it on other devices as well.



A Streamlined Viewing Experience

That’s why Samsung’s Smart TVs feature the Smart Hub platform, which offers a single access point allowing users to easily navigate a diverse range of content, from live TV to VOD and apps. Smart Hub’s latest, enhanced UX delivers a unified viewing experience that streamlines users’ enjoyment of all their favorite content.


Released last year, One Remote introduced a seamless solution for users to control their TV and the multiple devices they connect to it. Instead of having to toggle through different display ports and guessing which device it is, Samsung’s Smart TV automatically recognized the source and identified whether it’s a set-top box, a console, or a Blu-Ray Disc Player, and allowed the user to control them with the One Remote.


SmartView app


This year, Samsung is taking that convenience a step further, bringing Smart TV users access to their favorite Smart Hub features directly through their smartphones.


Compatible with both iOS and Android, the Smart View app looks very much like what you see on the TV which makes it intuitive and easy to use. The app also makes accessing such content simple, allowing users to type the names of their favorite titles using their smartphone’s keyboard. In short, the popular elements of Smart Hub on TV is combined with the familiar smartphone interface for a totally new kind of virtual remote experience.


Together with the Smart Remote’s enhanced voice control across more Smart TV features and One Remote support for a greater range of devices, these enhancements ensure that each user’s content is always easily accessible.



Enjoy Your Favorite Content, and Discover More

Sometimes, users know exactly what kind of content they’re looking for; sometimes they want to be inspired. Either way, Smart Hub help users discover and enjoy more dynamic content by allowing users to search for and switch between programs from a single streamlined page, or by recommending shows you may like based on your viewing patterns.


Sports navigation page


For example, The ‘Sports’ service integrates content regarding your favorite team, whether it be live games, scores or VOD clips, and shows it all in a single navigation page – no more flipping through different sports channels trying to figure out which network your team’s game is on.


Choose the teams and sports to follow


‘Sports’ also alerts users whenever their favorite teams are playing, and with notifications in the SmartView app, you can get these alerts even when the TV is powered off.


Notification on TV(left) and smartphone(right)


Apart from video, an increasing number of users are consuming music directly from TV. The new ‘Music’ feature on Smart Hub will help you identify, find and enjoy your favorite music, showing suggestions in a single navigation page, just like your favorite teams on Sports, to help you reach your content faster and easier.


Find the music playing on TV, access it on your music services


With so much content on offer and more flexibility than ever to enjoy as one wishes, viewers today require versatile TVs that allow them to watch what they want, when they want and how they want. Being the leader in the TV market for over a decade, Samsung continues to strive to move the industry forward to align with the consumer.

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