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on September 9, 2018
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Flashy digital signages at the Time Square and scoreboards at baseball stadiums are things that often come to mind when you think about an ‘LED display.’ In line with the popular belief and real use cases, LED displays tend to belong in public venues and are used for advertisements. While LED displays can be found unfit for home installations, Samsung Electronics has changed the rules of the game with a “Samsung LED for Home – The Wall and IF Series MicroLED displays. Find out how Samsung is transforming the way consumers enjoy the top-of-the-line LED technology by bringing it to their homes.


Bringing Huge LED Displays to the Home

Samsung Electronics’ CEDIA 2018 booth introducing the Super Fine Pixel Pitch technology


In traditional LED displays, which was intended to present visuals from afar, the gap between LED pixels did not have to be as close. However, when these displays are used indoors at homes, hotels or penthouses, the story gets more interesting. Considering the close distance between the display and viewers, it is inevitable for the displays to have extra precision, with pixels as proximate to one another so that the gaps in between cannot be visible to the naked eye.


The perfectly clear image quality with immense details can be achieved with Samsung LED for Home displays. Samsung was able to do this by reducing the LED pixel spaces with MicroLED display’s ‘fine pixel pitch’ technology. As the name suggests, the LEDs arranged in the fine pixel pitch style are set about 1㎜ from each other. Even the closest look at a favorite movie scene in front of the display will have no flaws since the displays capture the tiniest details.


In addition to the splendid presentation features, Samsung LED for Home displays can be synced with high-end audio such as ‘JBL K2 S9900’ of Harman and ‘Model B’ of Steinway Lyngdorf in Denmark.


Samsung Electronics’ LED for Home display (right) in comparison to a conventional display


Not only that, Samsung LED for Home also performs to last with a lifespan that is two to three times longer than an average projector bulb, and remote monitoring options that offer quick and convenient prevention as well as troubleshooting of errors.


“As consumers always anticipate for the next big thing, we wanted to transform the way people watch video with our Samsung LED for Home displays,” said Seog-gi Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of Samsung’s Visual Display Enterprise Business Team. “Not only do these displays offer the best picture quality, but they ultimately deliver never-before-seen viewing experiences.”


146-inch The Wall and 219-inch IF Series Hit the Market

At the Consumer Electronic Show 2018 held this January, Samsung unveiled The Wall, the world’s first modular, 146-inch and 0.8㎜ pixel pitch with MicroLED display that delivers intense black and pure colors along with outstanding brightness and contrast. The Wall also provides intense expression of blacks for the ultimate contrast, and superior color purity for true-to-life imagery. Awarded ‘Best New Product’ in the AV/Home Theater category at the CEDIA 2018, The Wall offers HDR 10+ technology that enhances the peak brightness, colors and contrast in every scene.


“Through a rigorous manufacturing process that meticulously arranges 24 million individual pixels to craft a UHD display to an ultra-low reflection black surface technology, The Wall is packed with an array of specialized and advanced technologies that viewers can’t get from anywhere but Samsung,” explains TaeYoung Huh, Vice President and Head of Samsung’s Visual Display Product Strategy Team.



Another Samsung LED for Home option is the IF Series. The IF Series P1.2 provides excellent FHD (109-inch) and UHD (219-inch) resolution displays that are packed with advanced technologies for enhanced image clarity and performance bringing life-like viewing into the homes of consumers. The display boasts enhanced peak brightness, nearly two times higher than standard LED maximum brightness norms, and also supports HDR10+* and LED HDR to deliver clearly defined and near-perfect visuals with deep blacks and crisp colors.


The key advantage of Samsung LED for Home is its modular formation, which allows configuration in a variety of sizes and shapes beyond the standard 16:9 aspect ratio screen. Since these displays are unaffected by ambient light, they can readily be installed in various indoor locations within homes – a dark private media room or a bright living room.


Without restrictions in size or form, the Samsung LED for Home displays foster a truly original experience. To help create homes and indoor spaces where the displays are in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment and users’ unique styles, Samsung plans to expand the Samsung LED for Home product lineup and further develop technologies to integrate the displays into the daily lifestyles of consumers.



* The IF series will support HDR10+ from the fourth quarter of 2018.

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