Update Your Wrist with Gear S2

on January 7, 2016
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Gear S2 Colombo


What’s on your wrist?


Perhaps you wear the latest fitness tracker to keep up with your daily activity and caloric intake. Or maybe you don a classic timepiece to convey your sense of style. Either way, there are plenty of practical and aesthetic advantages to accessorizing the wrist, and with recent developments in wearables, which provide personalized information at a glance, there are more reasons than ever to do so.


Take the Gear S2, for example. Released in 2015, Samsung’s highly praised smartwatch surpassed expectations, both in terms of design and usability. Its unique rotating bezel—an industry first—redefined the user experience, offering the ultimate in convenience and usability to the consumer, while its circular watch face design and premium accessories blurred the lines between technology and fashion.


Now, Samsung reintroduces the Gear S2 classic, which takes the intuitive, award-winning design of the Gear S2, and adds high-end materials and two unique finishes. These new options offer users diverse choices to express and match their style, while an expanded app ecosystem and new mobile payment features enhance the device’s functionality.



A New Look

Gear S2 Classic


The latest Gear S2 classic is now available in 18K Rose Gold and Platinum, new premium materials that reflect Samsung’s commitment to bringing more choices to consumers with a taste for the finer things in life. The new 18K Rose Gold edition features rose gold plating (18K) and will be sold with an Ivory Genuine Leather Band, and the Platinum version will showcase platinum finishes with a Black Genuine Leather Band.


Rose Gold, a popular color in recent years, is versatile and suits almost all skin tones, while Platinum is strong and durable, and doesn’t fade or change color. Both versions are fashion-forward and add a touch of elegance to one’s personal style.



Designer Straps

 Update Your Wrist with Gear S2

In the past, Samsung delivered a more personalized wearable experience by teaming up with luxury brands and artists like Italian designer Alessandro Mendini. It continues to do so by collaborating with companies under the “Designed for Samsung” program to offer a variety of watch strap options.


This time around, the straps include ones by Colombo via della Spiga, the iconic brand expert in leather processing since 1955. The straps will be crafted in crocodile leather, a classic of Colombo, and will be completely handmade by skilled artisans.



Updated Faces

Gear S2 Classic


Samsung has continued to extend its partnerships with world-renowned artists to offer a colorful collection of new watch faces. These new designs feature artwork from Keith Haring, graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, cartoonist Jeremyville and pop artist Burton Morris. Other designs include the highly adored Peanuts characters. The fun, inspiring watch faces provide a more personalized wearable experience and allow consumers to easily express their personality with a simple twist of the bezel.


In addition to using the preset watch face designs, users can also unleash their creativity and generate their own with the Gear Watch Designer. This user-friendly tool helps semi or professional designers design, produce and distribute watch faces without the complexity of code scripting. With so many customization features, the Gear S2 is not just a smartwatch, but instead a fashion item that can be modified according to one’s mood, outfit of the day or even the season.




An App for Everyone

Earlier last year, Samsung launched its Tizen Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Gear S2 so that developers could more easily create enhanced standalone apps for the device. Moreover, in an effort to expand the smartwatch’s user capabilities even more, the company has partnered with additional developers to offer a wider variety of applications that appeal to multiple lifestyles.


Some of them, like the CNN and Bloomberg Gear S2 apps, utilize their own specialized watch face features, while others like eBay, ESPN, Uber and Voxer were designed to enhance the convenience of the device. By expanding the application ecosystem, and including a variety of apps that focus on news, health, traffic, banking and music, among others, the Gear S2 becomes a life necessity rather than a simple tech accessory.


Update Your Wrist with Gear S2



A New Way to Pay and Extended Compatibility

Another feature that will improve the usability of the smartwatch is Samsung Pay, which will soon be available to Gear S2 users starting from the U.S. Samsung Pay’s technology, which utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC), offers consumers a convenient, safe way to pay virtually anywhere, right from their wrist.


Finally, the Gear S2 will be compatible with even more devices to extend accessibility to a wider range of mobile users. In addition to supporting Android devices, the wearable will be compatible with those running on iOS*.


As the smartwatch trend grows, the Gear S2 will continue to stand out from the rest, thanks to its unique features that enable it to function as both a stylish fashion accessory, as well as a practical lifestyle product that adds convenience to one’s everyday life.


*Gear Manager will be ready for download and use from the Apple App Store.


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