[Video] A Personal Smart Health Assistant — New Ways To Manage Health

on July 10, 2024
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Getting a good night’s sleep is a challenge in today’s world. The first step involves tracking sleep quality and sleep patterns which act as barometers in helping users better understand their overall health.


▲ Sleep Insights


Samsung Electronics unveiled the Galaxy Ring, a wearable designed to fit comfortably on a user’s finger for long-term wear. Crafted from lightweight, corrosion-resistant titanium, the Galaxy Ring can be worn around the clock — with a powerful battery that lasts up to seven days on a single charge. The device is the ideal companion for closely monitoring sleep. Powered by advanced sensors and sleep AI algorithms, the Galaxy Ring offers Sleep Insights to help users form healthier sleep habits. The Galaxy Ring syncs with the Samsung Health app to provide detailed, personalized health information without a separate subscription.


▲ Multi-sport tiles


For users who enjoy outdoor activities like running or cycling, the Galaxy Watch Ultra offers maximized performance and features suitable for harsh or challenging environments. These features include Multi-sport tiles1 for triathlon training, functional threshold power (FTP)2 for cycling using AI-powered data analysis and personalized HR zones for optimal workout intensity. The Galaxy Watch7 provides various health insights whether users are creating their own routines with Workout Routine or tracking more than 100 different types of exercises from their wrist.


▲ Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) index


The upgraded BioActive Sensor featured in the Galaxy Watch Ultra and Galaxy Watch7 is particularly noteworthy. The optical sensor can measure advanced glycation end products (AGEs)3 — an indicator of metabolic health and biological aging strongly influenced by overall lifestyle and dietary habits — helping users make more informed decisions and take preventative steps for proactive care.


▲ Energy Score


The new Energy Score assesses users’ health by tracking health indicators such as activity levels, sleep, heart rate during sleep and more. Users can make informed health choices, such as deciding whether to take a break or increase their physical activity levels.


Explore the latest health monitoring features, powered by Galaxy AI in the video below.





1 Available in the Galaxy Watch Ultra.
2 Available in the Galaxy Watch Ultra and the Galaxy Watch7.
3 AGEs are toxic substances produced when an excess amount of sugar in the blood combines with proteins or fats due to dietary and lifestyle habits. These compounds are commonly found in foods exposed to high temperatures during cooking, such as boiled or deep-fried foods. If consumed in excess, AGEs can accumulate in the body and have adverse effects on health.

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