[Video] Adjust Angles From a Distance, Capture Even the Smallest Details — New Ways To Create

on July 10, 2024
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A trip to Paris isn’t complete without a photo of the Eiffel Tower. But those traveling alone will face the classic dilemma — take a selfie with the landmark in the background or ask another tourist to take the picture.


▲ FlexCam Auto Zoom


Set those worries aside and snap the perfect selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower with the Galaxy Z Flip6. With FlexCam’s Auto Zoom, users no longer need to worry about repetitively adjusting camera settings or stepping back just in time to strike a pose. FlexCam automatically detects the subject and zooms in or out for the best composition, allowing them to stay in the moment while checking their reflection on the FlexWindow.


▲ The Galaxy Z Flip6’s ProVisual Engine takes photography to a new level


Equipped with a 50-megapixel wide-angle sensor and an upgraded, AI-powered ProVisual Engine, the Galaxy Z Flip6 delivers an incredible camera experience with improved photo quality. Galaxy AI detects subjects with more precision, making skin tones appear more natural and capturing small details like eyelashes with enhanced definition. Even in darker indoor settings or low-light environments, photo quality is not compromised.


▲ Portrait Studio


Add a flair of creativity to portraits with Portrait Studio, one of Galaxy AI’s innovative image editing features. Simply upload a photo from the gallery, then click the pencil icon to discover a range of styles — including comic, 3D character, watercolor and sketch. Personalize selfies with just a single click.


▲ Instant Slow-mo


Instant Slow-mo lets users experience special moments in slow motion. By long-pressing on a timestamp within a video, users can seamlessly switch to slow-motion and savor important scenes frame by frame. With the Galaxy Z Flip6 and Galaxy Z Fold6, these videos can instantly be saved to the gallery or shared with loved ones. Cherish life’s special moments in slow motion.


Learn more about the new creative experiences made possible by Galaxy AI in the video below.


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