[Video] Maximize Efficiency and Imagination With Galaxy AI — New Ways To Get Things Done

on July 10, 2024
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Meetings are an essential part of any office worker’s day. However, transcribing and organizing speech to text can be time consuming — and there is always a risk of missing important points. Users can effortlessly organize, summarize and translate voice recordings with Note Assist, so writing meeting minutes is easy and hassle-free. Note Assist can even distinguish among up to 10 speakers, ensuring every crucial detail is captured.


▲ Note Assist


PDF Overlay Translation automatically detects content within PDFs and displays translated text on top of PDFs. This feature helps users quickly understand complex and challenging materials or documents in foreign languages.


▲ PDF Overlay Translation


Users can explore their artistic potential with Sketch to Image — create a simple drawing with the S Pen or by hand and watch as Galaxy AI transforms it into a completed image, adding graphic elements and colors based on the original sketch. By streamlining the creative process, users are able to focus on their ideas while Galaxy AI brings their visions to life.


▲ Sketch to image


Galaxy’s gesture-driven Circle to Search has users covered when reading signs or cafe menus in foreign languages while aboard. Even if there is a blend of languages — such as English, Chinese and French — the feature will automatically detect the language and a translation will immediately appear over the image. Circle to Search is more powerful on the Galaxy Z Fold6’s spacious display as users can improve productivity with expanded search results.


▲ Circle to Search


Watch the video below to explore how users can be more versatile with the new Galaxy Z Fold series.



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