[Video] Samsung Innovation Museum Unveils the Latest Part of Its Virtual Tour Series Showcasing the History of Mobile Communication

on February 2, 2021
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The third installment in the series providing a virtual tour of the electronics industry history museum’s tour of its second hall titled “The Era of Corporate Innovation” showcasing the development of modern civilization, Samsung Innovation Museum (S/I/M) has released its latest videos under the theme of ‘Mobile.’


The mobile phone is a product now essential to our daily lives that allows us to communicate anytime, anywhere, and these latest tour videos demonstrate the development of mobile technologies and products as well as wireless communications.


The first video in the Mobile series introduces the first step towards modern wireless communications, the surmounting of wireline communications’ boundaries. The video covers the world’s first voice information transmission using radio waves, the first two-way wireless communication and the automatic switching system.


Following the advent of wireless communications, wireless communications equipment was first applied to those areas that stood to benefit the most from the ability to communicate quickly in rapidly changing situations. Radio communications equipment was installed in police cars, while walkie-talkies and other handicrafts were developed for military operations. Since the initial development of such technologies, the interest of the general public in personal mobile phones has increased alongside the commercialization of the automatic switching system.



The second video covers the beginning of the personal mobile phone era, wherein people were able to make calls anytime, anywhere. As cellular network technology developed, the efficiency of the communication network improved, and digital cellular systems and 3G mobile communication technologies later led to the beginning of the era of mobile phones with Internet access.


This video also highlights the technological innovation of several mobile phones that achieved the title of ‘world’s first’, from the world’s first smartphone to the world’s first CDMA phone to feature a built-in camera.



The final video of the Mobiles series showcases the innovation of modern mobile products that provide users with a diverse range of functionalities as well as reliable performance and cutting-edge design. Viewers can learn about Samsung’s constant pursuit of innovation in the development of their mobile devices, as well as how the future of the smart mobile phone era promises the emergence of mobile devices capable of responding to human expression.


Among the Samsung innovations featured are the company’s first color display phone, the origins story of its ‘Benz phone’ and some of its very latest mobile phones, Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Note20 & Note20 Ultra.



S/I/M’s Mobile exhibit showcases to viewers the true innovation the development of the mobile phone has been, along with many of the ways that mobile phones have enriched all aspects of our daily lives.


This series of Mobile videos concludes the museum’s virtual tour through its second hall, “The Era of Corporate Innovation”, and interested viewers should stay tuned as S/I/M will continue to produce accessible content and learning materials for people in accordance with the unprecedented circumstances currently faced the world over.

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