What Are Dirty Loops Doing to ‘Over the Horizon’?

on March 3, 2016
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Over the Horizon


Everyone who has ever owned a Galaxy smartphones knows that six-note groove that comes preloaded and serves as the default ringer on the popular devices: “Over the Horizon”, the official brand song of Samsung Galaxy. Smooth yet spritely, “Over the Horizon” has greeted Galaxy owners for five years—always familiar, and yet changing every year.



Evolving with Each New Galaxy S Series Smartphone


Originally composed by Samsung’s Principal Designer Josh Joongsam Yun in 2011 for the Galaxy S II, “Over the Horizon” has evolved over the years, getting lighter in 2012, and getting a tinge of rock and electric guitar in 2013 and 2014.


For 2015, “Over the Horizon” went orchestral for the Galaxy S6, as Jamie Christopherson led a recording of the tune in Nashville with the 40-piece Nashville String Machine, which was then mixed by Mixing Engineer Al Schmitt at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles.



Going Loopy for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge


Since starting in 2008, Swedish trio Dirty Loops has won critical acclaim from around the world for their creative and fresh approach pop, infusing it with jazz, funk and a host of influences. And now Samsung has collaborated with them to reimagine an exciting new version of “Over the Horizon”.


How will Dirty Loops interpret the iconic tune? The world will find out when the new Galaxy smartphones go on sale in March 11. But if you cannot wait, you can check out these three videos of Dirty Loops in the studio, practicing their chops—and if you listen closely, you might get a taste of what’s to come.


Over the Horizon 2016 Trailer: Bass by Henrik Linder, Dirty Loops




Over the Horizon 2016 Trailer: Drums by Aron Mellergardh, Dirty Loops




Over the Horizon 2016 Trailer: Piano by Jonah Nilsson, Dirty Loops


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