‘At Samsung, Young Minds Inspire Us’

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Mr. Asim Warsi, Senior Vice President and head of Samsung’s mobile business in the country, spoke to India Newsroom about Samsung India mobile division’s business performance, the Company’s ‘Make for India’ strategy, future plans and his 12-year long career, in an interview published earlier this month. In this second and final part of the interview, Mr. Warsi opens up about his passions and talks about what it takes for young men and women to succeed in a global company like Samsung.




Zeal to be No. 1

I have completed 12 business cycles in Samsung and each business cycle has been very different and very rewarding. If I have to choose one moment out of these 12 years, I think it would be the day when we became market leader in India. It was the day for which we had been planning and strenuously working. We had the ambition and vision from the times when we were actually a No. 4 brand with less than 3% market share in India. And it has been an incredible journey from there to have grown and actually establish ourselves as No.1. Since then, there has been no looking back. We have only gone from strength to strength. I do not have words to describe how satisfying and thrilling this journey has been.





What does it take to succeed at Companies like Samsung

We have many young people working at Samsung and these young minds really inspire us. Their brilliance, creativity, their point of view towards life and their outlook is refreshing and inspiring to us. At Samsung, we are always looking for the youngest, the brightest minds out there to be part of our journey and build their careers with us. My message to these young millennials, who aspire to work with Samsung, is if you have passion, speed, the quest for change and innovation, if these are the qualities that drive you, then Samsung is the place to be. This is what we really at our core are – passion, speed and innovation.



Follow Your Passions (besides Samsung of course!)

I am a very avid horse rider. I enjoy riding over the weekends when I can. I am also a national-level shooter in two different disciplines. I am able to take out time when I can, over holidays or weekends. Sometimes, to be able to go and be one with nature, one with horses, ride out, do some hacks or play some light polo, not just that shooting as well. It completely re-energises me and reboots me to take on the Monday and the week ahead very effectively.

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