How To Control IoT Devices Connected to SmartThings from Other Samsung Apps

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The ability to seamlessly connect your smart devices with each other is probably the coolest thing ever. But do you know how to make the most of this ability with your Samsung devices and apps? Fret not, we will walk you through it!


Technology should be an enabler in making the day to day lives of people a lot easier. Providing easy controls directly from various Samsung apps, your smart devices and Samsung apps form a powerful combo with the SmartThings app, giving users a fast and more convenient use of IoT devices.


Let us dive into some of the use case scenarios of the IoT enabled devices connected to the SmartThings app and how to control them from various Samsung apps:


Clock app: While setting your alarm for the morning, you can add your SmartThings devices to your morning schedule so that you can wake up easily. Once you have set the alarm, select the menu at the bottom called “Wake up using smart devices” to add SmartThings devices. For the ease of the user, basic operations of each device are provided in advance. For example, switching on the lights, turning on your TV and opening the blinds. Now, when your alarm goes off in the morning, your TV and lights will turn on and the window blinds will open. In addition to these settings, you can also control other settings like changing the brightness, colour and temperature of the lights, volume of the TV and much more, getting complete control of the wake-up environment.


Weather app: In the weather app you can check the day’s weather and the pollution level for the day. With your Galaxy smartphone, you can also check the indoor air quality through the ‘Indoor air quality’ menu. Likewise, you can check the level of fine dust in the rooms and operate your air purifier remotely.


SmartView app: With this app, mirroring your smartphone content on your TV is a breeze. And for the times when the viewing experience is hampered by light reflections on your TV screen, the SmartView app allows you to control the lights and blinds of your room so that you can enjoy your favourite content on the TV in a dark environment.




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