[Pro Tips] Healthy Lifestyle, Digital Detox, Higher Productivity with Galaxy Watch

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The adoption of Smart Watches has picked up pace in India, with fitness-savvy Gen Z and young millennials increasingly aspiring for a healthy and productive lifestyle. While your smartphone can also track your daily movements, when it comes to comfort and efficiency, nothing beats a Smart Watch. It’s no surprise that today’s Smart Watch has truly emerged as your fitness buddy, wrapped to your wrist 24/7 to multi-task on your behalf.



Your Galaxy Watch offers immense possibilities in managing health, digital detox and increasing productivity at a time when remote working is the buzzword. Here are some pro tips to extract the most out of your Galaxy Watch.

Healthy Lifestyle

Your Galaxy Watch encourages you to form healthy habits round the clock with action-based insights. Packed with powerful range of sensors, Samsung Health on your Galaxy Watch is your personal health adviser, automatically tracking and detecting 39 workouts. The ‘Daily Activity’ widget provides all health goals (calories, steps, exercise time, active time) snapshot in a single screen. You can also monitor your stress levels regularly and the in-built guided breathing exercise can help in restoring the energy levels.


Harish Bishnoi: Your Galaxy Watch encourages you to form healthy habits


To improve healthy lifestyle, Samsung Health comes with a widget, where you can log and monitor your water and caffeine intake. This is a sure shot way of preventing yourself against unnecessary snacking and keeping your body hydrated.


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The Galaxy Watch also prompts you to get going, when you lost track of time in the midst of back-to-back conference calls. With the sleep tracker, you can analyze your sleep quality and the automated ‘Daily Briefing’ notifications are a bonus for all users. To top it all, your Galaxy Watch now comes with the popular ‘Hand Wash’ app that prompts you to clean your hands, a key preventive attribute to stay safe.



Digital Detox

With your Galaxy Watch, you get notifications for a wide range of activities –calls, messages, reminders, news – all at the flick of your wrist, but with limited interaction to the smartphone screen. This is a big step to regulate screen time and avoid distractions, enabling you to focus on work and also spend quality time with your family. The Goodnight Mode on your Galaxy Watch prevents disturbances while you are sleeping and the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature mutes alerts and keeps screen off at scheduled times.


Higher Productivity

With the SmartThings App, you can switch on TV or the lights, control temperature, start scenes or automations with a simple command from the wrist. The Bixby Smart Assistant helps in being productive through simple voice commands, making it easy to initiate calls, send messages, create reminders, and monitor health performances.


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In the stand-alone mode – and connected to LTE mobile network – you can use your Galaxy Watch to take calls and get messages even when the phone is not in connectivity range. You can leave your phone at home, but still go out for those long morning walks, listening to great music and without worrying about missed calls.


[The author of this article Harish Bishnoi, is Director, IoT & Product Analytics at Samsung Research Institute – Bangalore]

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