Samsung Employees Take a Green Leap

on 24-07-2019
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As part of the core philosophy, Samsung believes in co-prosperity and ensures that every step in the organization is taken, keeping this in mind. In matters of the environment, Samsung makes continuous efforts to raise awareness and to inspire employees.



With activities across all Samsung offices, our fight against plastic has become even stronger. Samsung India has a huge strength of close to 70,000 employees and activities for environmental awareness were organized across the country. The impact was immediate. In a matter of a few days, there has been a significant reduction in consumption of tissue papers, plastic bottles and paper cups within the Samsung network. Such initiatives inculcate eco-friendly habits in people and encourage a healthier lifestyle.



Not just that, the employees have taken a green leap and have planted a total of 1776 trees in a single week. At Samsung’s e-waste collection centres, close to 72 kilograms of electronic waste has been collected for recycling on a weekly basis. With energy conservation programmes, daily electricity consumption has also gone down tremendously.



Samsung Industrial Training Institutes across different cities in India educate students on not just technical knowledge, but have also imparted knowledge on green solutions and eco-friendly activities.




It is important that we as individuals realise the need to minimize plastic and electronic waste. The planet is ours and responsibility to save it also lies on us.

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