Samsung Reveals 2024 AI Home Appliances at ‘Welcome to BESPOKE AI’ Event

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Samsung Electronics presented its 2024 line of Bespoke AI home appliances at the “Welcome to BESPOKE AI” media event on April 3 in Seoul, Korea. Equipped with advanced artificial intelligence technologies and SmartThings capabilities, these new products represent a milestone in customer convenience thanks to a hyperconnected ecosystem.


Samsung Newsroom attended the event to experience how AI is changing life at home.



Bespoke AI That Embodies ‘AI for All’

▲ Vice Chairman and CEO Jong-Hee Han delivers the opening speech at “Welcome to BESPOKE AI.”


Jong-Hee Han, Vice Chairman and CEO of the Device eXperience (DX) Division at Samsung Electronics, delivered the opening speech and emphasized that Bespoke AI embodies the company’s “AI for All” vision — improving lives through better security, sustainability and accessibility.



“Using AI vision, AI voice and AI data technologies, we will offer new experiences in which home appliances can be controlled and connected more intuitively,” he said.


▲ Su-Hyeon Seong explains how the new Bespoke AI products will change users’ lives.


Su-Hyeon Seong from the Digital Appliance (DA) Division at Samsung Electronics believes the recent upgrades to AI technology and connectivity will lead to new innovations in creating more personalized user experiences. “I look forward to the increased freedom we will experience in our daily lives,” she said.


▲ Cheol-Min Yeom introduces the 2024 Bespoke AI home appliance product line.


“Since the latest products are now equipped with high-performance AI chips, cameras and sensors, we’ve significantly improved the user experience,” said Cheol-Min Yeom from the DA Division.


▲ Se-Rim Jeong describes how SmartThings helps users save energy.


“We plan to continue investment towards developing technologies that reduce burdens on the environment and allow consumers to experience safe, sustainable home appliances without inconveniences,” said Se-Rim Jeong from the DA Division.



Reimagining Home Spaces With AI: The Experience Zone

▲ Visitors learn about SmartThings in the Security & Easy Connection Zone.


Upon entering the Experience Zone — which reconstructed familiar home spaces such as the living room, laundry room and kitchen — Samsung displayed some of its most helpful services. In the Security & Easy Connection Zone, attendees observed how Smart Forward constantly provides device upgrades and Samsung Knox, Samsung’s unique security standard, protects users’ personal information. In addition, visitors discovered how Calm Onboarding connects products to SmartThings and minimizes the hassle of registering devices after each purchase.


▲ The 2024 Bespoke AI home appliances on display in the BESPOKE AI Experience Zone.


▲ Watch videos on the refrigerator screen by tapping a smartphone on Family Hub™.


In the Bespoke AI Experience Zone, visitors tested the 2024 Bespoke AI products and Tap View on the Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub™+. Users can now mirror images or videos from their smartphone screen by tapping on the refridgerator door, so they can pick up where they left off and continue the movie or TV show they were just watching.


In addition, users can check expiration dates on food packages with the AI Vision Inside feature or ask for customized recipe recommendations with Samsung Food.


▲ Check the location and status of home appliances connected to SmartThings with 3D Map View.


▲ Visitors watch a demonstration of the Bespoke AI Combo™, an all-in-one washer and dryer.


The Bespoke AI Laundry Combo™ combines the functions of a washer and dryer into a single, all-in-one appliance that uses AI technology to recommend optimal laundry cycles based on the user’s needs. The 17.78 cm LCD screen and AI-powered Bixby voice recognition further enhance user convenience.


▲ The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ robot vacuum cleaner includes a sterilization feature.


The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™ cleans dust, scrubs the floor and sterilizes the mop with steam. Recognizing and avoiding obstacles, the vacuum provides a report to determine if the cleaning was satisfactory.


▲ The AI Energy Saving Zone and AI Technology Zone introduce AI Saving Mode and Samsung Rewards.


Visitors experienced how to save energy with AI in the AI Energy Saving Zone and AI Technology Zone. AI Energy Mode attracted special attention for its environmental protection and energy conservation capabilities.


Planned for the first half of this year, the Samsung Rewards program will encourage consumers to actively save energy in their everyday lives.


▲ Sustainable technologies are illustrated in the For a Sustainable Future Zone.


Innovative approaches to energy efficiency were introduced in the For a Sustainable Future Zone —including the energy-efficient AI Inverter Compressor, the Reduced Fire Risk certification and microplastic-reducing filters. The Bespoke AI Hybrid refrigerator maximizes energy savings by combining hybrid cooling technology with an AI inverter compressor with thermoelectric elements.



At the “Welcome to BESPOKE AI” event, Samsung laid out its vision for the future of home appliances. More than just simple tools used in everyday life, Samsung’s home appliances promise to change users’ lives through innovations in efficiency, connectivity and personalization. Samsung will soon introduce the 2024 Bespoke AI product line at “Welcome to BESPOKE AI” events in the United States and France.


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