Young Skateboarders from India’s Hinterland Janwaar Dream Big on Small Wheels

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Think Skateboarding, and what comes to our mind is rebellious, young kids sliding, twisting and turning on streets and plazas in US and Europe. If not, then you must have witnessed some nerve-wracking skateboard action while watching Hollywood movies.


Well, if it still doesn’t ring a bell, please note that the sport is making a debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!


Skateboarding may not be as popular in India, but skating parks have sprung up recently across a few cities, though the sport remains largely an urban phenomena in our cricket-obsessed country.


So to expect young kids in a non-descript village – 700 kilometres from Delhi – taking to skateboarding in a big way would be a huge surprise for many of us.


Welcome to Janwaar, a small village near the historical city of Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh), where young school kids are preparing to become India’s skateboarding stars.


The Sun rises and sets in Janwaar to the sound of skateboards rolling on the cemented park, competing with the laughter of children. Skateboarding is a huge incentive for kids in this small village, where the sport is unifying communities and encouraging them to attend school. The story of Janwaar’s skateboarders is about People, Excellence, Co-Prosperity and Change – all Samsung Values. And a testimony to the fact that somewhere in India, Dreams are Getting Bigger.


Samsung Newsroom India travelled to Janwaar to capture the passion for skateboarding among young kids and bring their story to the World.


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