The AI Inverter Compressor Is the Smart, Efficient Heart of Samsung’s Revolutionary New Refrigerators

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All new 2024 Bespoke refrigerators, which Samsung Electronics launched recently, are characterized by the integration of energy-saving technologies such as the next-generation “AI Inverter Compressor”[1] and its ability to use AI Energy Mode in SmartThings Energy. In particular, the compressor, which is the heart of the refrigerator, has evolved over the course of 27 years to what is now the eighth generation, bringing reliable performance and improved energy efficiency.


As shown in the video below, Samsung’s new AI Inverter Compressor is able to optimally circulate the cold air in the refrigerator, depending on how it is being used.




Eight Generations of Evolution: Transforming Internal Design for Optimized Motor and Energy Efficiency 

All new 2024 Bespoke models feature an AI Inverter Compressor that responds to the slightest temperature changes in the refrigerator. Unlike conventional fixed speed compressors, the new compressor creates optimally cold air while reducing energy consumption by automatically adjusting the motor speed according to the refrigerator’s ambient temperature, operating mode, and temperature changes caused by opening and closing the door.


The newly upgraded compressors are the culmination of Samsung’s continued innovation efforts, dating from the first generation in 1997 to the current eighth generation. To increase the energy efficiency and durability of the compressor, Samsung has been continuously researching, developing, and improving the manufacturing process of the internal motor, ball bearings, pistons, valves, and other components.


As a result, the compressor has achieved an internal motor efficiency of over 95 percent, which is an acknowledgeable level in the home appliance industry.


Compared to the previous compressor[2]the new compressor’s energy efficiency in the low-speed operation range of 950-1,450rpm (the range in which refrigerators typically operate) has also increased by up to more than 10 percent.


“The new AI Inverter Compressor has more than quadrupled the leveraged inertia during the motor’s operation compared to the conventional model,” said Dae-il Kwon, Head of Compressor R&D Lab, Digital Appliances (DA) Business at Samsung Electronics. “This ensures stable performance even when running slowly, while further reducing power consumption.”


While Samsung’s latest Bespoke refrigerators’ AI Inverter Compressor is the key component to the product’s energy efficiency, applying SmartThings app’s AI Energy Mode helps further reduce energy consumption by up to 10%[3].



Other Notable Quality Assurance Features of Samsung’s AI Inverter Compressor

After more than 20 years of research and development, Samsung has created an AI Inverter Compressor that allows for long-lasting performance and less noise, all while offering a 20-year warranty that covers free repairs and replacements for up to 20 years[4].


Samsung’s next-generation AI Inverter Compressor has a low noise level of less than 35 dB/A[5] under normal conditions, which is equivalent to that of a bedroom at night or a quiet library.


“The compressor is the core component of a refrigerator, just like the engine of a car,” said Junpyo Lee, Head of the Compressor & Motor Team, DA Business at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to develop AI Inverter Compressors and related technologies, ensuring that consumers can trust and use Samsung refrigerators for a long time while reducing their energy consumption.”



[1] Requires Wi-Fi connection and operation in AI Energy Mode based on the SmartThings app.
[2] Based on internal testing compared to Samsung’s conventional seventh generation compressors.
[3] Tested on RF85C98Y2AP model (South Korea), identical Triple Cooling model to RF23DB9900QDAA model (North America).
[4] 20-year warranty is limited to the compressor (available globally except for North America and Israel).
[5] Based on Samsung’s internal testing. May vary in real-world environments.

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