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9 Ways to Live Your Best Summer with AI-Powered Connected Tech from Samsung


Summer is upon us and many of us are gearing up for a season of adventure and relaxation. This year, consumers are prioritizing summer vacations more than ever — with 95 percent planning to travel as much (51%) or more (44%) than last summer, according to a new Tripadvisor survey.

Whether you’re jetting off to a dream destination, hitting the open roads for a road trip, or opting for a relaxing staycation, summer is all about making memories. And what better way to make the most of those moments than with Samsung’s latest AI-powered tech designed to simplify your summer experience. Beyond fun and games, we’re also here to support you in keeping your electronics and appliances running smoothly so you can ensure that your summer is hassle-free and filled with nothing but good vibes.

So, be it soaking up the sun or hosting an epic backyard BBQ or pool party, here are nine tips from Samsung Care to help you get the most out of your summer!

Make Travel More Enjoyable with the Galaxy S24

With the Galaxy AI1 features in the Galaxy S24, and other Galaxy devices, you can make every aspect of your travels smooth sailing and more enjoyable than ever before. Here’s three must-use features for every traveler:

1. Break Language Barriers with Live Translate

If you’re traveling abroad this summer, don’t let language barriers get in the way of your experiences. With the Galaxy S24’s Live Translate2 feature, you can effortlessly communicate in different languages. Whether you’re making reservations, asking for directions, or chatting with locals, this tool provides near-real-time voice translations, allowing you to converse confidently without lost-in-translation moments, no matter where your travels take you. Watch here.

2. Converse Smoothly with Chat Assist

Want to sound more conversational in your messages while traveling? The Galaxy S24’s Chat Assist3 feature has got you covered. Receive real-time tone suggestions as you type, ensuring your messages strike the right chord every time. Plus, with AI integrated into the Samsung Keyboard, you can instantly translate and message friends and family in various languages. With real-time translation available in 16 languages, you can keep conversations flowing smoothly, no matter the language. Get started here.

3. Discover New Destinations with Circle to Search

Discover new destinations instantly using the Galaxy S24’s Circle to Search4 with Google feature – the most widely used feature on the Galaxy S24. This intuitive, gesture-driven tool allows you to quickly access Google Search results by simply circling objects of interest.

Samsung Circle to Search with Google

Whether you’re curious about landmarks, local cuisines, or nearby attractions, there’s no need to interrupt your exploration. With Circle to Search, you can instantly satisfy your curiosity and uncover hidden gems without leaving your feed. Enjoy seamless discovery and make the most of your travel experiences with this innovative feature at your fingertips. Discover more here.

Master Summer Hosting with Samsung Kitchen Innovations

For those who love to host, say goodbye to kitchen chaos and streamline every step of your summer home entertaining journey — from hassle-free grocery shopping to easy meal planning and cooking.

4. Simplify Summer Grocery Shopping with AI Vision Inside

For stress-free grocery shopping use AI Vision Inside5 on your AI Family Hub™+.6 Not only does it track your fridge’s contents, but it can suggest and send you recipes based on your available ingredients. You can even find and share recipes with the SmartThings Food app on your Family Hub™. With a 32-inch screen display, access recipes, play music, and order essential ingredients directly from your fridge.7 No more last-minute grocery runs, just smooth hosting!

Samsung AI Vision Inside

And for those returning home from vacation, stay organized with your Family Hub™. See inside your fridge from anywhere with the SmartThings app8 to know exactly what groceries to order before you arrive. With built-in apps like SmartThings Food and Amazon Essentials, you can restock your pantry with just a few taps, making your post-vacation grocery shopping enjoyable — and not feel like a chore! Dig deeper on Family Hub™ features here.

5. Personalize Your Family Hub with Summer Memories

Transform your Family Hub™ into a dynamic display of your favorite summer moments with Google Photos.9 Adding photos is simple: tap “Connect to Google Photos,” enter your email and password, select the photos or videos you want to download, and tap “Apply.” You can feature memories on your Family Board and even add a stylish frame. Your Family Hub™ will keep your summer memories alive every day. Check out the video here.

Effortless Summer Laundry with Bespoke AI Technology

Keeping up with the pile-up of laundry from summer activities can be a time-consuming chore. Whether it’s sandy towels from a day at the beach or wet swimsuits from the pool, the Bespoke AI Laundry lineup will handle your laundry needs with ease.

6. Reclaim Your Summer Fun with Bespoke AI Laundry

Use Samsung’s Bespoke AI Laundry Combo™ and Bespoke AI Laundry Hub™ to simplify laundry while saving space, time, and energy. The AI Home LCD Display enables easy cycle and setting selection — and even manage other connected Samsung home appliances — enabling you to quickly tackle laundry while managing other tasks around the house. And with connectivity to the SmartThings app10 to access SmartThings Energy, you can optimize energy consumption with AI Energy Mode,11 reducing environmental impact while keeping your laundry fresh and clean all summer long. Explore more on the care and use of our Bespoke washers and dryers here.

Samsung SmartThings app shown on a Galaxy phone

Endless Entertainment at Home and On-the-Go

Whether you’re hosting a movie marathon or tuning into this summer’s biggest sporting events – you can take in every scene on our best 8K TV yet, the Neo QLED 8K (QN900D). Or, pump up on the volume on your next party with the innovative Music Frame – the Samsung smart speaker that also camouflages as a picture frame. Plus, if you have travel coming up – you can make any trip more memorable with The Freestyle 2nd Gen with Gaming Hub.

7. Welcome to a new era of Samsung AI TV

The AI-powered, 2024 Samsung Neo QLED 8K lineup offers the most premium viewing experience, including innovative AI features like 8K AI Upscaling Pro.12 This feature can upscale low resolution content into incredible 8K – even your favorite older shows and movies. Plus, features like AI Motion Enhancer Pro allow you to never miss any of the action of your favorite, fast-paced sports. Whether you’re tuning into a tennis match, soccer kick-off, or even golf tournament – this feature can help boost the detail of fast moving objects on screen with less blur or stutter. That means you can actually see that soccer ball as it zips across the screen and your team makes the game-winning shot. The Neo QLED 8K is even designed with built-in AI Sound thanks to Dolby Atmos® and Object Tracking Sound Pro, so you don’t just hear the action – you feel it!

8. Set your Party Vibe with the Music Frame

The Music Frame by Samsung delivers rich audio when it’s on, while always reflecting your style. You can personalize it with your own printed photos and artwork, making an effortless complement to your space and style. Plus, it delivers multi-dimensional surrounding sound with Dolby Atmos – filling the room with rich, deep sound – perfect for your next summer bash! With Q-Symphony,13 Music Frame can even sync your to your Samsung TV or soundbar – using several AI technologies to create an even more robust audio experience that’s orchestrated across all your speakers.

9. Keep Your Family Entertained on Summer Road Trips

With the Freestyle 2nd Gen, you can transform any surface — an outdoor wall and even your ceiling, into a 100-inch screen. With instant access to leading streaming entertainment platforms and Samsung Gaming Hub, your family can enjoy movie night on the road or even play top games from Xbox and other partners – no console required. Whether it’s watching favorite shows and movies, or gaming on-the-go, The Freestyle 2nd Gen makes it easier than ever to bring your favorite content wherever you are. Learn more on using the Samsung portable Freestyle projector here.

Looking for more tips or need additional support from the Samsung Care Team? Visit the Samsung Care YouTube Channel, check out the Samsung Members App and Samsung Communities or text us any time by messaging 1-800-SAMSUNG to start a conversation with a Samsung Care Pro.

1 Galaxy AI features by Samsung will be provided for free until the end of 2025 on supported Samsung Galaxy devices
2 Live Translate requires a network connection and Samsung Account login. Live Translate is only available on the pre-installed Samsung Phone app. Calls must be made using the native Samsung dialer. Certain languages may require language pack download. Service availability may vary by language. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.
3 Disclaimer: Requires Samsung account log in and internet connection. Tone suggesting feature in Chat Assist requires a network connection and Samsung Account login. Must meet length requirements to activate feature. Service availability may vary by language. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.
4 Requires internet connection; results may vary by uniqueness, clarity and framing of circled image and related factors.
5 AI Vision Inside can recognize and automatically label 33 unobscured fresh food items such as select fruits and vegetables; other items may be manually labeled. Results vary by manner of placement.
6 AI Vision Inside accessible through the AI Family Hub+ utilizes AI-based algorithm.
7 Get personalized recipe recommendations, search for and follow video recipes, and access your favorite apps, all from the 32” LCD Display. **Recipe recommendations and Bixby accessible through the Hub utilize AI (deep learning models).
8 SmartThings App available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account required.
9 A Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account required. Google and Google Photos are trademarks of Google LLC.
10 Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.
11 Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.** Can be applied on Towels, AI Opti Wash & AI Optimal Dry™, Heavy Duty, Super Speed, Small Load cycle only when the selected washing temperature is ‘hot’.*** Based on internal testing with IEC 8lb load except for Small Load cycle (IEC 4lb load). Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.
12 QN900D only. 8K AI Upscaling for other models.
13 Q-Symphony using the Music Frame is available only when connected with a (1) 2024 Samsung TV, or (2) 2024 Samsung TV and 2024 Samsung Soundbar.

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