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Celebrating Energy Efficiency: How Samsung is Making Every Day an ENERGY STAR Day

By Mark Newton, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Samsung Electronics America


ENERGY STAR Day is a moment when we reflect on the importance of energy efficiency and the role innovation can play in it. As a known leader in technology who strives to consider sustainability in all aspects of our business, we are committed to doing our part while helping consumers use our products to thrive responsibly. As part of that pledge, we’re doing everything from powering our U.S. facilities with renewable energy to crafting energy-savvy appliances right in South Carolina, to cut down the kilowatts on your electric bills.

Let’s look into what ENERGY STAR certification means, our role in efficiency innovation, and the importance of making every day an energy-saving day.


The ENERGY STAR program – initiated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy in 1992 – has made it easy for consumers to identify the most energy-efficient products for their home or small business. Products earning the ENERGY STAR logo undergo stringent testing and meet strict performance requirements, helping consumers save money, protect the environment, and preserve power grid resilience through energy-efficient choices. At Samsung, over 500 of our available products have earned this coveted label, including 100% of dishwashers and front-load washers, 94% of our refrigerators, and 48% of our dryers, positioning us as a market leader in energy efficiency. In addition, our energy management efforts include our operations, where we strive to make our offices, repair facilities, warehouses, and EV charging stations aligned to ENERGY STAR standards to reduce our energy use year over year. Yet our commitment does not stop there. From smart appliances to the semiconductors that power them, we are building a culture of enhancing your everyday life with energy-efficient and environmentally conscious products and services.

The advantages of ENERGY STAR certification extend beyond the product’s immediate cost savings for consumers. Collectively, these add up to a significant positive impact on the environment while reducing the carbon footprint associated with product usage. According to the EPA, in 2019 alone, ENERGY STAR certified products and buildings have helped American businesses and families save nearly 370 billion kWh of electricity, which equates to over 4 billion metric tons of avoided greenhouse gas emissions from power generation over the past 25 years.

Another innovative way we are helping consumers reduce energy consumption is by introducing home energy monitoring and management settings into our SmartThings app. SmartThings Energy, which received the first mass market ENERGY STAR Smart Home Energy Management certification, helps consumers track and optimize the energy usage of their connected devices (and conventional devices through Smart Plugs). Building on common practices in consumer electronics where laptops and smartphones in sleep mode consume less power during inactivity, we’ve introduced new technologies to allow similar savings for home appliances as well.

While ENERGY STAR Day is a time to reflect on achievements, it’s also a reminder of the hard work ahead. Climate stewardship, energy security, and grid resilience demand a sustained and collective effort from all stakeholders, including manufacturers, governments, efficiency advocates, and consumers.

Our promise at Samsung is clear. We’ll keep pushing the boundaries, and innovating. Through outreach, education, and partnerships, we’re spreading the word far and wide about energy efficiency and making smarter, greener choices. Thank you to our customers, partners, and all of our stakeholders. You’re the real MVPs in our everyday journey to sustainability. So, here’s tomaking every day an ENERGY STAR day!

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