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[Podcast] Powering the Future of the Circular Shopping Economy


Samsung US Newsroom
Samsung US Newsroom
Powering the Future of the Circular Shopping Economy

2:00Consumer trends driving interest in the resale market for mobile devices
3:10Samsung’s circular consumer offerings, including its ‘Certified Re-Newed’ smartphone program
4:10The environmental case for recycling old phone – and other products

The climate crisis is the most critical issue of our time. Brands are forging ahead with great urgency to minimize their impact on the environment across their entire footprint—from operations and supply chains to products and services. The very same companies are also empowering consumers to partake in everyday changes in the fight against climate change. But are consumers ready for a circular shopping economy?

With a whole host of end-of-use programs available to its consumers, Samsung Electronics America’s Head of Certified Re-Newed/Trade-In, Craig Feely and Head of eCommerce Strategy & Operations, Nihar Shah, weigh in on how the time is now to offer new models of (eco)consumption.

“We’ve seen a significant shift over the last few years regarding consumer values and interest. They really want to find products and solutions that are more sustainable and better for the environment. Particularly with younger consumers, that’s a very important factor in their purchasing decisions. That’s one of the reasons we’ve put such an emphasis on how we can help consumers in their efforts to be greener and why we’ve made sustainability a key tenant of our platform,” said Nihar.

“There are three clear benefits to circular shopping initiatives. With Samsung Certified Re-Newed, you get an outstanding Samsung product at a lower price – in many cases between 15 to 30% off the full retail price of a new device – and, because we don’t use raw materials, the planet gets a break,” said Craig.

To underscore Samsung’s commitment to circularity, starting today, Friday, April 22 – Earth Day, the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G lineup is now available for pre-order through the Samsung Certified Re-Newed Store on Carriers and online retailers will begin to offer the smartphone on Thursday, April 28. And consumers who pre-order the device will receive a $100 e-certificate – and that in addition to the Certified Re-Newed savings.

About the Podcast
Recorded from Samsung 837, our flagship experience center located in the heart of NYC’s Meatpacking District, Samsung Electronics America is back with a third episode of our Innovation Without Boundaries podcast, which explores how we’re solving evolving consumer and societal needs through new innovations and creating a more enriched, equitable, and sustainable future.

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