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Rewriting the Future: Customization


With cautious optimism for a return to normalcy this year, the time to rethink the post-pandemic future is now. Foresight in this moment calls for a rewrite of the future by both addressing the vulnerabilities that have been presented in the last two years and examining the equitable, sustainable, and enriching opportunities that lie ahead. As part of a multi-part video series, Samsung employees across business areas have been sharing their views on the future of innovation, sustainability, diversity & inclusion, health & well-being, education, and design. And this is their take on customization.

Gone are the days of the passive, off-the-shelf consumer. Today, people are seeking more ways to express their individuality – especially at a time when celebrating our diverse and unique qualities matters more than ever. Consumers want to be given the opportunity to customize and personalize the products and services they consume to match their style and suit their needs.

From how our products are made to how people use them, Samsung is constantly creating technologies and experiences that can be customized and personalized by the consumer – reflecting their current tastes and evolving as their stye changes. Here’s what our employees have to say about the impact of co-creation on innovation, how brands can stay closely attuned to consumer preferences, and the lasting environmental benefits of customization.

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