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Samsung at CES 2020: The Week in Pictures


At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, the world’s largest consumer technology show, Samsung ushered in the Age of Experience. Kicking off the busy week, Samsung hosted its First Look event where it unveiled the latest innovation in Smart TVs from MicroLED, QLED 8K and its newest Lifestyle TV – The Sero.

The “Sero,” which means vertical in Korean, automatically syncs to your Galaxy phone to mirror the content you’re watching on your mobile device and matches the landscape or portrait orientation for the ultimate viewing flexibility.

On Monday, Samsung presented its Keynote, where HS Kim, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Division declared the company’s mission: To enable experiences with technology “to create unforgettable moments that make your lives better, that make a difference to humanity and create a better world for us all.”

HS Kim at CES 2020 Keynote

This is Samsung in the “Age of Experience,” Kim said, working to accommodate diverse and evolving lifestyles while also meeting the needs of modern living spaces, smart buildings, smart cities and creating a better world for everyone.

We are not looking to spend money on things... We are looking to experience life. This must drive our innovation.

“[Consumers] are not looking to spend our money on things,” Kim explained before introducing his first guest, “We’re looking to buy convenience, peace of mind and enjoyment. We are looking to experience life. This must drive our innovation.” And with that, a softball-sized robotic device named Ballie rolled onto the stage and greeted the audience.

Ballie introduction CES 2020 Keynote

Ballie is Samsung’s concept for the future of personal care. A small, rolling robot designed to be an all-around life companion that understands and supports you, your family – and can even help you keep an eye on your pets.

Samsung’s answer to customized solutions for wellness played a big part of its presentation at CES 2020 – from launching Samsung Health on all of its TVs later this year with exclusive content from leading fitness partners, to an evolved version of GEMS – an exoskeleton connected to Samsung’s augmented reality glasses. The Gait-Enhancing & Motivating System, still a future concept, integrates with a Galaxy smartphone and watch to provide and immersive workout experience that is tailored to your fitness needs.

GEMS is also an assistive device for people with disabilities, supporting them in exercise and helping them achieve new physical goals.

When the tech conference officially opened, all of Samsung’s innovations using AI, 5G and IoT were on full display.

Connected Living at CES 2020Using sophisticated sensors, AI and robotics, Samsung showcased how a fully connected appliances can make lives simpler by becoming cooking partners in the kitchen.

A future concept of a robotic food prep assistant, Bot Chef that can help chop, stir, season and plate your favorite dishes.

Family Hub CES 2020A Family Hub refrigerator using Whisk for guided cooking suggestions.

Planta Refrigerator CES 2020And a future concept refrigerator – Planta – for growing your own garden-fresh ingredients.

Moment of Zen at CES 2020

And after all that help in the kitchen you’ll have more time for meditation as many of the Samsung booth ambassadors did on Day 2 of CES with Samsung Health and meditation guidance from Calm.

Galaxy Fold at CES 2020

At the mobile computing section of Samsung’s CES 2020 booth, visitors were able to interact with the Galaxy Fold 5G and the expanding portfolio of 5G devices Samsung offers as well as the latest in mobile computing: Galaxy Chromebook, Galaxy Book Flex α and Odyssey curved QLED gaming monitors G9 and G7 for an even more immersive gaming experience.

Finally, the latest features in Samsung’s connected car of the future – Digital Cockpit 2020 — co-developed with HARMAN International, showcased how V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) technology underpinned by 5G connectivity links features inside and outside the vehicle to provide connected experiences for drivers and passengers alike.

For all Samsung CES 2020 news visit our events page.


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