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Samsung Empowers Entrepreneurs During National Small Business Week and Beyond


The beginning of May marks the start of National Small Business Week, a celebration of small business across the United States. With more than 33 million small businesses based in the U.S., a 2022 report from the U.S. Small Business Administration shows that these organizations make up 99.9 percent of all domestic companies and employ 60.6 million workers, earning the reputation as the bedrock of the American economy.

Despite the invaluable contributions small businesses make to our society, they also face immense amounts of pressure to keep up with evolving demands of American consumers and the sophisticated offerings that larger competitors provide in stores. As a result, many small businesses are accelerating their own digital transformation efforts by employing displays to differentiate themselves and create more impactful experiences for customers.

Samsung is a proud partner of many small retailers and continues to support companies from all industries as they look for new ways to drive growth and set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive market. Read more:

Beach People Studio Enhances Flagship New Jersey Boutique with Samsung Displays

Theresa Losa, owner of New Jersey-based fashion brand Beach People Studio, believes that the shopping experience is more than just finding a stylish outfit – retailers have a responsibility to  transport customers to their “happy place.” She is working to achieve this goal with the upcoming opening of Beach People Studio’s flagship store in Point Pleasant, N.J. later this month. In addition to offering a collection of coastal apparel and accessories in the boutique, she partnered with Samsung to install indoor displays that will elevate in-store customer experiences by educating them about the brand and immersing them into its coastal feel.

Having spent the better part of her career as a fine artist, Losa understands how visual media can enhance engagement and create more meaningful human connections. That’s why she was particularly interested in capturing the same visual and sensory elements from her artwork and fashion creations in the store displays to generate more excitement among future in-store customers.  As she prepares for the grand opening of her store, Losa looks forward to using Samsung’s display technology to tell Beach People Studio’s story and create unmatched summer vibes.

Jessen’s Deli Delivers Greater Convenience for New York Customers and Uplevels In-Store Operations

New York delis are practically landmarks in the Empire State. However, as fast casual dining becomes more commonplace, it’s imperative that these storied institutions embrace more modern technology to meet the needs of 21st century customers. Jessen’s Deli, a 50-year-old family-owned business located in West Babylon, N.Y., is taking convenience and personalized orders to new heights with its recent adoption of Samsung Kiosks and indoor displays. The digital displays enable customers to seamlessly place orders, helping reduce lines and wait times. In addition, they now have full visibility of the menu before reaching the counter, which includes a wide range of Boar’s Head meats and cheeses. Although the integration of Samsung Displays is still in its infancy, owners of Jessen’s Deli have already seen improvements to its store operations and customer convenience.

The Honest Worm Leverages Samsung Displays to Generate Demand for Organic Chicken Feed Product


A study from the American Pet Producers Association found that 8 percent of U.S. households owned backyard chickens. Matt Losa, founder of The Honest Worm – a small business that produces organic chicken feed – is among this group. He created his company after noticing a white space in the market and made it his priority to educate the expanding population of chicken owners on the importance of providing birds with high quality food. First starting entirely online, The Honest Worm is now selling in Tractor Supply stores across the country, which is when Losa realized he would need reinforcements to spread the word about his brand.

To aid in this mission of delivering nutrition-packed feed to chickens (and reptiles, too!), The Honest Worm tapped Samsung to showcase the brand’s message on in-store displays. Shoppers strolling down aisles will now hear the sounds of chickens clucking and see digital ads with details about the company’s product and its unique value proposition – never settle for cheap imitations. Since partnering with Samsung, The Honest Worm has generated more demand for its products and continues to serve the emerging market of pet chickens.

In today’s highly competitive market, small retailers must constantly look for new ways to transform their businesses. Samsung and its partner platforms work with companies of all sizes to aid in their mission to drive sales, improve business operations and create more seamless customer experiences. Small businesses can seal their future success by embracing best-in-class tools. and data that level the playing field by giving them more insight into buying habits and customer behaviors.

For more on Samsung’s displays, visit our retail technology page here.

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