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Samsung Interns Share Must-Have Tips & Tech for Back to School


Students across the country are getting ready to take on the new classes and memorable experiences that come with the start of a new school year.

Whether you’re heading back to campus or logging into a virtual classroom, Samsung’s connected, best-in-class ecosystem of products can help you make preparing for back to school a breeze. Recently, we sat down with some of our 2022 summer interns to hear about their top picks for a stress-free start to a successful school year.

What are some of your dorm room essentials?

“My dorm room essentials have barely changed ever since my first year of college. For me, it is vital to have a solid speaker, a clock-charging station combo, a coffee maker, artwork, a TV, and of course, a photo or two of my family and dogs. I tend to not spend too much time in my room at school, but whenever I am in there I want it to feel comfortable and relaxing.” –Joshua Chaiken, U.S. Public Affairs Intern

“I’m pretty simple so some pots and pans to cook with, a kettle for tea, fridge for leftovers and a microwave to warm them up. A multi plug for numerous cables, a good speaker and my mini projector are a must. On the weekends, I use my mini projector quite a bit to unwind with a good movie or TV series. Décor is also a must-have, so I always put plants and family pictures around the room and add a diffuser to set the mood.” -–Kamila Del Mar Rivera-Diaz, Corporate Marketing Intern

Transform your dorm to match your vibe with Samsung’s next-level technology.

How important are eco-friendly products for your back to school purchases?

“They are super important, right after price! I always look at the price on everything from bracelets to face wash to utensils to clothes. I look at both the regular product and the eco-friendly product and then compare prices. Normally I go for the eco-friendly product, especially if the price difference isn’t much. However, if it is a big difference, I try looking for a better eco-friendly offer online and get that one, even if I have to wait (unless I need it quickly of course).” –Kamila Del Mar Rivera-Diaz, Corporate Marketing Intern

“Eco-friendly products are something that I have been more interested in given the current world’s climate crisis. I have made the change to digital note-taking and moved away from paper notes. I have also made sure not to overcharge my devices and conserve energy when possible.” –Athulya Nair, Corporate Citizenship Intern

Together, our everyday changes can create a meaningful impact.

What are your must-have picks for back to school gear?

“When I go back to school, there are only a couple of products that I consider a must-have, including my smartwatch for running and noise-canceling headphones. For any good college student, the library becomes your home more often than not, and for me, I need my headphones to drown out the noise of my friends who came to “work” with me. Other than that, I always need to have my smartwatch for running so I am able to relax and refresh myself after a long day of classes.” –Joshua Chaiken, U.S. Public Affairs Intern

“I cannot live without my laptop and wireless earbuds for my daily college activities. I also really like using my smartwatch to track my exercises and daily walks. I use my tablet for digital note-taking apps to help me organize my class materials and to practice good study habits. For studying purposes, some of my essential apps are GoodNotes and Notability to complete my college tasks and stay focused.” –Athulya Nair, Corporate Citizenship Intern

Stay on track to make this year a success and effortlessly balance self, social and school.

As the summer winds down and you gear up for your own school year ahead, visit to check out back to school deals on some of your favorite products.

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