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How Samsung is Shaping a Sustainable Future with Responsible Innovations


Samsung is committed to achieving a greener future by improving our sustainability and reducing our environmental and carbon footprint. As such, we have made significant investments to minimize the ecological impact of our operations, accelerate the design and development of green technology, apply circular economy principles, and guide consumers in making socially conscious decisions. Recently, at First Look 2021, CES 2021 and Galaxy UNPACKED 2021 we unveiled several purposeful innovations meant to create a positive long-term impact on our planet.

Samsung & UNDP Empower Young Leaders to Take Action

In the final push to meet the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or “Global Goals”, Samsung’s education and donation-based app – the Samsung Global Goals app – is providing Galaxy users with meaningful ways to learn about the 17 Global Goals– like Goal 13: Climate Action and Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production – and take individual action. Created in 2019, the Samsung Global Goals app is currently on 80M+ Galaxy smartphones worldwide and we’ve raised more than $1M in donations to the UNDP thanks to the dedication and generosity of Galaxy users.

Samsung and the United Nations Development Programme Partner With Youth Accelerate Progress for the Global Goals

To inspire further action, Samsung and the UNDP are now magnifying the voices, stories, and ingenuity of young leaders helping achieve the Global Goals via a new initiative, Generation 17. Samsung and UNDP are providing mentorship, technology, and networking opportunities for the young leaders as they advance their work and spark even more meaningful change to promote co-prosperity and protect the planet.

Galaxy Upcycling at Home is Giving Old Phones New Life

As part of Samsung’s devotion to creating a circular economy, we have plans to expand our award-winning Galaxy Upcycling program, which lengthens product lifecycles and reduces waste. In the past, Galaxy Upcycling has resulted in the conversion of smartphones into medical devices capable of screening for eye disease in Vietnam. Now, with Galaxy Upcycling at Home, consumers will be able to repurpose older Galaxy phones by turning them into a variety of convenient in-home IoT (Internet of Things) devices via a simple software update.

As an example, consumers will be able to transform a Galaxy phone into a childcare monitor, a pet care solution or other tools that meet their individual lifestyles and needs. For childcare, you could use the built-in sensors to monitor the audio around your baby and send an alert if they cry. For pet care, a Galaxy phone could become a long-distance remote so that you can turn on the lights if your pet is home alone at night.

The Galaxy Buds Pro’s Eco-Design Strikes the Right Note

Underscoring our commitment to eco-design and sustainable sourcing, Samsung has launched our latest and most premium earbuds yet – the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Galaxy Buds Pro – both the earbuds and the charging case – were built to help cut down on waste, using 20% recycled plastic

The earbuds powerfully combine all-day comfort and sophisticated style with cutting-edge audio technology, including unrivaled sound quality, intelligent Active Noise Cancellation, and seamless connectivity. Moreover, the Galaxy Buds Pro – both the earbuds and the charging case – were built to help cut down on waste, using 20% recycled plastic.

Galaxy Buds Pro – both the earbuds and the charging case – were built to help cut down on waste, using 20% recycled plastic

Samsung TVs Come with New Eco-Innovations

Additional efforts towards a greener tomorrow were unveiled in the form of TV eco-innovations, including a new Solar Cell Remote Control and an expanded Eco-Packaging solution.

In 2021, every Samsung QLED 4K and 8K TV will come with a Solar Cell Remote Control, developed to reduce waste. With an energy-efficient circuit design and solar cells, the unique remote can be recharged by indoor light, outdoor light, or USB. Beyond reducing battery waste, Samsung is cutting down on plastic waste as the remote contains 24% upcycled Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and Polycarbonate (PC).

Additionally, Samsung expanded our innovative Eco-Packaging solution, introduced in 2020 for The Frame, The Serif and The Sero TVs, to QLED, UHD TV, monitor, and audio products in 2021. Samsung Eco-Packaging reimagines how boxes can be creatively upcycled into useful items instead of disposed or recycled. By eliminating oil-based ink and expanding the eco-packaging across more products, Samsung is now offering a fun and innovative way to turn TV and monitor boxes into functional items like an end table, toy storage, or a small house for pets. Consumers can simply scan the QR code on the box to launch a Samsung microsite, choose the project they would like to create and follow the “dot matrix” pattern instructions.

AI is Solving Sustainable Housekeeping Challenges

Samsung’s AI innovations are continually changing the way consumers tackle everyday tasks. By incorporating AI technology into our products, we are creating new home experiences, such as with revolutionary new washing machines that optimize water usage, detergents, and wash cycles. Such optimizations allow for cutting down on water and energy consumption while providing users with a personalized laundry experience.

For example, the new 8800 Series Smart Dial Front Load washers and dryers have a powerful OptiWash feature that detects the laundry load’s weight and uses a patented Turbidity Sensor to determine the ideal amount of water and detergent to use in the cycle. It also determines how long to wash clothing, ensuring that clothes come out their cleanest. Moreover, the new 8800 series will be an ENERGY STAR product, meaning it meets EPA’s strict environmental standards, which help contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

At Samsung, we believe we share a responsibility to address climate change and preserve the planet for future generations. We’re harnessing our global presence and scale to directly tackle these issues. While we are proud of what we’ve accomplished, such as with our new and expanded initiatives, products, and packaging solutions outlined above, we know there is more to do, and building a sustainable future through bold innovation is our top priority. We continue to set new groundbreaking goals to further reduce our impact on our planet and will keep you apprised of our journey.

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