Mobile shopping has come a long way. With Samsung Pay, it’s never been easier to use your phone to pay at practically any cash register where you can swipe or tap a card, and to find great deals. But we believe people should be able to get even more out of the shopping experience.

For instance, using your phone to buy something can actually take several steps. Let’s say you’re walking down the street and see something you might want to buy. Maybe you’d type in search results until you found something similar, or take a photo to remind yourself to search for it later, or look for and open another app. We set out to simplify the process for an even more convenient way to shop.

Bixby Shopping, which is available with Bixby Vision on the Galaxy S9 and S9+, simplifies the entire process down to a few easy steps. All you have to do is point your camera at something, and Bixby will identify it and direct you to a partner’s website where you can buy it. Already, people have used Bixby Shopping to replenish their favorite cooking spices and beauty products, and to purchase everything from diapers to sneakers to 14” memory foam mattresses to 55” Samsung TVs.

With experiences like these that create new channels to shop, mobile shopping is set to really take off. According to eMarketer, Americans will do more and more shopping through their mobile devices, to the tune of an estimated $420 billion by 2021¹. With this, Samsung is going beyond mobile payments, with a vision for a holistic shopping experience.

We also continue to bring new benefits with Samsung Pay. Millions of people have been earning Samsung Rewards points on top of their existing rewards. And now, Samsung Pay is about to get even more rewarding. With the new “Cash Back” awards feature, Samsung is introducing the next stage of evolution for the mobile marketplace. Soon, you’ll be able to take advantage of new Cash Back deals directly within the Samsung Pay app.

Here’s how it works: In the new Cash Back section of the Samsung Pay app’s home screen, users will find a range of exclusive offers from leading retailers. When they click on the offer they want and complete a purchase through the participating merchant, the user will receive a percentage back on their purchase  which they can then spend toward a purchase—anywhere they use Samsung Pay² . The app is now a cash register, a marketplace, and a piggybank.

Our mobile wallet strategy is all about offering more choices for consumers and more opportunities for merchants. Cash Back creates a new channel for merchants to reach and reward consumers who are looking for great deals. This is on top of the new partnerships Samsung continues to forge, to give consumers access to more payment methods.

What’s more, starting on later this month, consumers will be able to purchase Samsung Rewards points, similar to the way airline consumers can purchase extra miles in order to build up enough to kick start their next adventure. With Rewards points, consumers will not only get something more out of their purchases, they can also get a meaningful head start on their next mobile shopping experience.

From Bixby Shopping to the Cash Back section of Samsung Pay to Buying Points on Samsung Rewards, Samsung’s latest shopping experiences have become indispensable in the world of digital transactions.  And this is just the beginning. At Samsung, we’re continuing to explore how we can create a more holistic shopping experience for a more convenient and rewarding experience across our devices with our services.


[2]Terms and conditions apply. Users must transfer funds to a Samsung Rewards Card to use to make purchases through Samsung Pay.

Nana Murugesan

About the Contributor

Nana Murugesan is the VP/GM of Services and New Business at Samsung Electronics America.