Game, work and relax. For those who want a monitor that does it all, Samsung Electronics presents the Odyssey OLED G8. Samsung Newsroom invited “Gamer S” to preview the Odyssey OLED G8 with a walk-through of a day in her actual life.

S describes herself as a “jill of all trades” gamer. From FPS, RTS and RPG, to racing and sports games, she plays across all platforms, including PC and consoles. She also likes to watch professional gamers play just as much as she enjoys playing herself. Let’s take a look at Gamer S’ day with the Odyssey OLED G8.




▲ Snap-on stand doesn’t require additional parts or dedicated tools.

Upon first glance in the morning, the Odyssey OLED G8 is quite the spectacle. Its super slim metal design draws immediate attention as it measures 3.9mm at its thinnest point. Even though it is a 32-inch monitor, it does not take up much space thanks to its slim design, so it can be conveniently placed anywhere. The unique silver color harmonizes with peripherals like controllers, PCs and consoles, plus mice and keyboards.


▲ An ultra-slim metal design

You can adjust the monitor to fit your posture for comfortable gameplay. The Odyssey OLED G8 provides ergonomic adjustments, including height, tilt, rotation and pivot, to prevent pressure on your body during long play time.


▲ Samsung Odyssey OLED G8(G80SD)


FPS games are the answer to getting your hands ready for a day of gaming and entertainment. The basic formula for FPS games is to catch your opponent off guard, and overwhelm them before they even realize what is happening. A lightning quick response time and refresh rate are vitally important in a monitor when playing FPS games. The Odyssey OLED G8 has a 4K UHD resolution that gives you the advantage when searching for enemies. S enjoys the edge that comes from a 240Hz refresh rate and a 0.03ms(GtG) response time.


▲ Enjoy “The FINALS” with the Odyssey OLED G8 featuring 240Hz refresh rate and 0.03ms response time(GtG), which offers an edge in fast-action gaming.

Core Lighting+ on the back of the monitor is also something you don’t want to miss out on. It provides a more immersive ambiance to the gaming environment. With the CoreSync function, the monitor’s rear lights change color, mimicking the games scenes’ colors. This creates a more dramatic gaming environment and extends the mood and colors of your game to the outside world.


▲ Upgraded Core Lighting+ provides a more immersive ambiance to the gaming environment.


The impressive visual value of the Odyssey OLED G8 can be witnessed in RPG games with dark backgrounds and high contrasts. The Odyssey OLED G8 helps you fully immerse yourself in the gaming world, as it displays brilliant graphics with a superior brightness of 250 nits(typ) and a wide DCI-P3 99% color gamut. Every scene comes alive in vivid detail with the consistently brilliant imagery.

Especially in Game mode, the Dynamic Black Equalizer automatically increases the visibility of dark areas, while still maintaining bright zones. This enables gamers to uncover every secret while experiencing the best visuals a game has to offer.

Players can spot hidden enemies in the dark as they can see through the shadows with purer dark levels. You can even find small details hidden in the shadows without pixel light bleed, providing incredible color and depth in every game. There is no need for any additional actions or tinkering with the settings. All you have to do is focus on the game.


▲ Play “Solo Leveling:ARISE” with 4K OLED and experience a brighter, more detailed world.

For too long, external light sources such as natural sunlight or ambient lighting have disrupted gameplay by reflecting of monitors. The Odyssey OLED G8 however, applies OLED Glare Free technology to minimize light reflection. It delivers vivid and clear colors, even without a monitor hood. With a screen 54% less glossy than conventional Anti-Reflection film, you can see your full game environment and focus solely on gameplay.


The Odyssey OLED G8 minimizes light reflection through its OLED Glare Free technology.

High-end games require the highest performing graphic cards. However, these graphics cards generate large amounts of heat. Gamers want to keep their devices performing at their peak. But for monitors, too, the longer they play, the greater their concerns about the heat and burn-in.

The Odyssey OLED G8 is built with Dynamic Cooling System, which evaporates and condenses coolant to diffuse the monitor’s heat five times better than the previously used graphite sheet method. So the Odyssey OLED G8 reduces temperature at the core. Also, with Thermal Modulation System,1 the algorithms predict surface temperature and automatically control brightness accordingly to reduce heat.

The Odyssey OLED G8 is the first monitor in the world to apply a Pulsating Heat Pipe that prevents burn-in.


▲ The Dynamic Cooling System and Pulsating Heat Pipe


The Odyssey OLED G8 has built-in Smart TV apps that allow users to enjoy various streaming services as well as Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV). No need to connect external devices. Just turn on your monitor, sit back and enjoy.


▲ With Smart TV Apps, use the Odyssey OLED G8 as an extra TV when it’s time to take a gaming break. It also comes with a SolarCell Remote, which negates the need for disposable batteries.

“Gamer S” often upgrades her gaming skills by watching pro gamers’ livestreams. With the Odyssey OLED G8, you’ll see the tactical and dynamic gameplay with minute-to-second details.

The Odyssey OLED G8 is powered by an AI processor, the NQ8 AI Gen3, which upscales content to nearly 4K when using Samsung Gaming Hub and the built-in Smart TV apps.2 Users can now enjoy higher resolution in both gaming and entertainment content.

The Odyssey OLED G8 is also equipped with AI Motion Enhancer Pro, which enables you to enjoy content at a higher level.3 AI technology captures the movement of small objects as they move across the screen. It then calibrates accordingly to provide a smooth and more realistic viewing experience during sporting events.


▲ AI Motion Enhancer Pro delivers clearer action through its AI processor.


The Odyssey OLED G8 has now transformed into a TV for console gaming. Now, instead of using a PC, S decides to enjoy console games in a more comfortable position. The Odyssey OLED G8 automatically recognizes the connected console and activates the Game Bar, supporting useful functions like a heads-up display that provides performance information, displaying aiming points and enlarging mini maps.

The monitor features AI Auto Game Mode too.4 Just put a game in the console, and set the genre to “Auto” in the game bar. AI Auto Game Mode will analyze the game title and automatically switch the setting to display the optimal image quality and sound for the genre of the game.

You can feel the difference in the audio and visual experience — the screen’s color becomes clear and rich sound fills the space. The three-dimensional and lively sound creates a high sense of immersion as if you’re entering the gaming world.

Before, gamers had to manually switch the setting based on the game they were playing. Now, players can save time and minimize disruptions when a new game is started, while also enjoying the game in its optimal state.


▲ When playing “Cyberpunk 2077,” gamers can experience AI Auto Game Mode, which analyzes the game title and automatically switches the setting to display the optimal image quality and sound.


▲ (Left) AI Auto Game Mode, (Right) Original

And since the Odyssey OLED G8 supports the Samsung Gaming Hub, “Gamer S” can even play console games without downloading, and no console required. Now, when you turn on the game controller, you’re automatically connected to the Gaming Hub.5


The Odyssey OLED G8, Your ‘All-Around’ Companion, Guiding You to a Gamer’s Utopia

From gaming to streaming to 4K video content viewing, the Odyssey OLED G8 delivers the best experience for gamers like “Gamer S” everywhere. If you are a gamer who wants to elevate your skills with a single monitor, look no further. With the Odyssey OLED G8, your gaming room will turn into a utopia.


▲ The Odyssey OLED G8 invites gamers to a utopia.

1 When “Adjust Logo Brightness” setting is on “Off” or “Low,” Thermal Modulation is active in pre-set picture modes only. When “Adjust Logo Brightness” setting is on “High,” Thermal Modulation is always active.
2 AI upscaling works only when using the built-in Smart TV apps and Samsung Gaming Hub (PQ priority mode).
3 AI Motion Enhancer Pro is only available in the built-in Smart TV apps. Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format.
4 AI Auto Game Mode is available for certain console games only. Availability may vary according to gaming content and format.
5 Gaming Hub is available in limited countries, with app availability differing by country. Accessing Gaming Hub is free of charge. Subscription may be required to access content offered by game-stream providers on the Gaming Hub platform.