A Playlist for Laundry

on 05-09-2018
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Laundry isn’t really the most fun thing to do, but it’s a necessity – why not make it entertaining?


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 04 September 2018 – Everyone has different habits when it comes to washing clothes and linen. Consider the teenager who will likely throw clothes on the floor rather than placing them in a washing basket. Or the man who feels he must bundle up his shirt and toss it across the room, scoring a ‘goal’ if it actually lands in the basket. So many bedrooms have ‘the chair’, whether ornamental or functional, this chair often lands up as a dirty laundry repository. Whatever your habits, the bottom line is that laundry must be done at some stage.


Most people are aware that before putting a load of washing into a machine, some sorting is to take place. If you’re not a highly organised person, this is sometimes a real chore when laundry day comes around. Having a few clothes hampers helps, sorting as you go, but that’s no good if you’re short on space. Commonly, there’ll be a pile of dirty clothes dumped out on the floor in front of the washing machine and then sorted. But what about the bright red sock that gets tangled up with the whites? Using a mesh bag for smaller items will help to ensure that not only are socks kept in pairs, but also that you’ll know there’s one missing before you put a load in.


If a sock does go astray and you only find it after you’ve started the wash cycle, Samsung’s AddWash is an inspired solution – with a little slot to add in errant bits and pieces of laundry once the machine is busy, meaning one of the many frustrations of laundry day is already solved. It’s a handy feature for clothes that have been hand-washed and simply need to be given a good rinse and spin along with another load.


That’s all good and well, but it can all still be a chore, unless you turn your laundry day into something that’s entertaining. Putting together playlist for laundry time makes the chore far more fun, as well as motivating. For sorting washing, you’ll want something quite energetic, with a good beat to get you into the rhythm of colours – you could go for Elvis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes, or the indomitable Miriam Makeba singing Pata Pata. Turn up the volume and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you get through the piles.


Tracy Gordon, Head of Product Marketing – Samsung Digital Appliances, says, “Nobody really enjoys doing laundry, but we’ve created washing machines that take the hassle out of the chore. Bubble technology helps to save time and energy – it froths detergent with air and water before the cycle beings, generating cleansing bubbles that penetrate fabrics faster than concentrated detergent. Wash clothes as effectively in cool water as you would in warm water which saves energy. If you are pumping up the music while you wash, you’ll love the VRT Plus technology, which reduces noise and vibration during washes.”


Keep your playlist going as you hang the washing out to dry, fold it and do the ironing. Maintain a soft and soothing energy with Hugh Masekela’s Grazing in the Grass or more up-beat with Johnny Clegg’s African Sky Blue.

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