Millennial Mums Put The Smart In Smartphone

on 31-10-2018
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How Samsung Pay makes a mum’s day


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 31 October, 2018 – As any millennial mum will tell you, it’s almost impossible to have two hands free at any one time. With one hand holding a baby, the other clutches onto a smartphone to keep up with appointments, friends and family, the office and online shopping. The reality is, when a woman becomes a mum she has to squeeze a dozen more hours into her day. The trade-off is fewer hours for herself. Fortunately, smartphones have at least helped to ease the burden of ticking off the impossible number of tasks on her to-do list.


Millennial mums are achieving what their parents could not. Born between 1980 and 2000, these super-mums are expanding the boundaries of what was possible even just a decade ago. The smartphone has become a trusted sidekick in all they do. It’s more than just a device to make calls and communicate. It’s their everything. With Samsung Pay, millennial mums are even better equipped to take on the day.


Samsung Pay makes a millennial mum’s rushed trip to the stores and shopping malls a little bit easier. Armed with her ever-present smartphone, she can now pay with her phone as simply as with her debit or credit cards. It’s this kind of convenience that can make a mum’s day,” says Justin Hume, Director: Integrated Mobility at Samsung South Africa.


Yes, the days of carrying a credit or debit card are numbered. With the recently launched Samsung Pay loaded onto a phone, making a payment is as simple as a single swipe on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, authentication via fingerprint, iris or PIN, and a tap on the payment terminal to complete the transaction. Samsung Pay’s ground-breaking technology works on most existing payment terminals – as easily as a physical card does and it’s safer. This means that a mum doesn’t even have to reach into the bag filled with the day’s many and necessary tools of the mum trade. The phone, already in hand, is poised to make fast, secure in-store payments on any contactless or non-contactless payment terminal.


When out and about, children in tow, Smartphones really are a mum’s best friend. Millennial mums are also keeping up with their friends via social media, and scheduling play dates to stay connected. Of course, there’s the flip side. Based on what they encounter on innumerable websites or even their own friend’s social media feeds, millennial mums are under a lot of pressure to excel. Despite the frantic pace of modern life, they are constantly bombarded with the latest perfect-parenting articles, on a baby’s diet, health, mental wellbeing and safety. To top it all, they also have to endure the uber-proud posts from friends and family who have seemingly perfected the mum and life balance – #HealthyDietHappyBaby. Adding another polite ‘like’ or ‘Well done my friend!” to the self-congratulatory posts can be painful. This means conveniences like Samsung Pay make them appreciate their most supportive friend, their smartphone, a little bit more.


Samsung Pay can be used with the Galaxy Note9, Note8, S9, S8, S7 and A8 devices, as well as the Galaxy A5 and A7 (2017 Edition). You can use your Standard Bank credit and cheque cards (Mastercard only), Absa debit, credit and cheque cards (Visa and Mastercard) and also your Avios, British Airways and Virgin money payment cards. More banks will follow soon. You can even add your loyalty cards into Samsung Pay. Protected by the ultra-secure Samsung Knox and tokenization from Visa and Mastercard, Samsung Pay is safer than carrying your cards, which are often at risk of cloning or fraud. And paying is a breeze.


Smartphones empower mums to be super-mums. She can conduct useful research, comparison shop and schedule appointments, all without missing a beat, as she straps the little one into the car seat for the millionth time.  It helps her be the mum she wants to be. And that mum is extraordinary!

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