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on 14-08-2019
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How to boost your presentation skills using technology


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 14 August, 2019 – We live in an age where we can communicate with people across continents in seconds. Despite this many of us still struggle to connect with people right in front of us, whether it’s in a boardroom, brainstorm session or client presentation. Technology can clearly make presentations more enticing, however many of us still use tools like slideshows and paper flipcharts, which have become overused and outdated because they lack interactivity, shareability and even scalability.


Enter the Samsung FL!P. Samsung has done for the flipchart and whiteboard what smartphones did for landlines – retaining the basic function but adding incredible convenience, efficiency and a dazzling array of useful functionality. While it has the look and feel of a flipchart, the Samsung FL!P is an innovative digital flipchart that helps create interactive presentations. This means both managers and staff can work smarter, faster and better. It’s an ultra-high definition LCD mobile display – a flipchart that drives collaboration and expands presentation capabilities, with a touchscreen that allows you to display work, graphics and AV material, as well as write and save notes. Those with a laptop, tablet or smartphone can mirror their screens to share content. Notes and ideas from a brainstorm can also be recapped and shared instantly, using built-in email, distributed over your network or saved to USB storage. When it’s time to consider moving your meetings and presentations into a new era why not FL!P the script.


Of course, once the technology component is taken care of, there’s just you and the audience. And most people find presenting as fun as a root canal. Here are a few tips to consider:


Look at and interact with the audience – The main place where you should be looking when presenting, is right in front of you. Don’t just single out one person but instead try to make eye contact with numerous people throughout the room. Where possible, create opportunities to engage with the room through questions or tasks. Otherwise you’re just talking to yourself.

Show some movement – It’s essential to own the room. Make sure you show some gestures or walk around meaningfully, when speaking. People are simply more engaged with an animated speaker.

Differentiate yourself – You’re branding yourself every time you speak, so why not do something unique and memorable. That’s how people remember you and your material long after you’ve left the room.


Ultimately, we live in an age when technology can be harnessed to amplify our own unique personality traits and skills. In fact, there has never been a better time to turn every meeting or presentation into an opportunity to stand out and achieve things our future selves will applaud. “Samsung seamlessly integrates business environments and adapts to changing business needs. With its user-centric approach, Samsung has made business technologies simple and easy to use, enabling businesses to adapt to the evolving business environment with ease, says Reginald Nxumalo, Director: B2B, Samsung South Africa.


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