[VIDEO] Go Behind the Stunning Scenes as GQ Shoots Its Cover with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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Photography Ace, Austin Malema and GQ Editor-in-Chief, Molife Kumona share fascinating insights on using a smartphone technology to bring their vision to life


GQ’s incredible Dual Cover, shot with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, is a collaboration that commands a second glance. Molife Kumona, GQ’s Editor-in-Chief and celebrated photographer Austin Malema were clearly impressed by this innovative use of Samsung’s latest camera technology in its latest edition. Discover these professionals’ expert views on why the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a scene-stealer, in the exclusive behind-the-scenes videos below.


As the crew set up for close-ups on Springbok Makazole Mapimpi, in a sophisticated low-light indoor scene, Austin took time out to share his insights on using the Galaxy S22 Ultra. He immediately recognised the convenience of having what feels like a photography’s kit in an easy to carry device. The ability to shoot RAW files which he can easily then edit at home held great appeal to him. Watch the video to find out what he would shoot with the Space Zoom feature.


Check out Austin Malema’s behind the scene sit down: 



The enigmatic Molife seems to have wholly embraced the photographic possibilities the Galaxy S series is famous for – having green-lit the use of the Galaxy S21 Ultra on a GQ South Africa cover last year. He was eager to explore the evolutionary new innovations in the Galaxy S22 Ultra including Samsung’ biggest pixel sensor ever. For a shoot that moved from bright sunlight to low-lit interiors, the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s ability to automatically pull in more light and tone down lens flare gave the crew the freedom to adapt and innovate – on the go. This is why he also chose to shoot in Portrait Mode, which brought out colours in infinite clarity, despite changing lighting conditions. Live-editing with the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s built-in S Pen made this editor’s fascinating job even easier. Watch the video below to find out which smartphone colour the man in the know thinks is most on-trend.



Check out Molife Kumona’s behind the scene sit down: 


The unmissable Dual Cover, captured by the Galaxy S22 Ultra is out now.

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