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on 21-05-2018
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Winter is here and the cold weather is a great excuse to stay inside while you experience the beautiful game in crisp and vivid colour


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 21 May 2018 – Eight years ago, with the whole world watching South Africans of all shapes and sizes took to the cold streets wielding colourful and noisy vuvuzelas to celebrate the beautiful game. In 2010, stadiums were full of fans lustily supporting their favourite teams and fan parks or gatherings sprung up everywhere. It was another extraordinary example of how amazing South Africa is and just how enthusiastic we are as a sports-loving nation.


While the buzz of being with a crowd of strangers all sharing a common enthusiasm is exhilarating, the cold weather does lend itself to slightly less exuberant celebrations. This year, streets are most likely going to be less crowded and sports enthusiasts will have the luxury of staying indoors to seek out all the beautiful and extraordinary moments offered by watching every detail in full, vivid colour. Sports fans can do what they normally couldn’t – with QLED technology, where detail and colour are so intricately showcased that not a single moment is missed. Of course, being able to rewind or pause favourite moments is a huge bonus.


Lyle Mitchley, Head Product Manager for TV at Samsung South Africa, says, “QLED technology is better than reality. The brilliant colours, depth of blacks and intensity of whites makes for a fully immersive viewing experience. Watching your favourite sport on a QLED TV creates an extraordinary feeling of truly being in the game.”


QLED technology enables viewers to see every detail, no matter which angle they’re sitting or standing at. This means that however many friends and family are invited over to watch the game, everyone gets to experience the detail and vivid colour in the same way. If it does get a bit crowded, or if the game coincides with ‘braaiing’ time, then the lightweight TV with flush mount or easily moveable stand can be placed outside – with Q contrast, it doesn’t matter what the lighting situation is, viewing remains as vibrant as ever.


“Although the TV’s sound is already incredible, adding a surround-sound wireless Samsung Soundbar to your viewing experience will make it all that much more real. You’ll be in the moment with the millions of fans cheering in stadiums on the other side of the world,” adds Mitchley.


With technology as innovative as QLED, you can get into the game like never before – so, whichever team you’re rooting for, pack away your beanies and scarves and watch where you are. A little bit of vuvuzela blasting will never go amiss, however, no matter how many or few people are gathered around the TV.

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