Who Is The Coolest Of Them All?

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The next generation all agree – Samsung has got what it takes

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 20 June 2018 – The Sunday Times Generation Next Survey 2018, conducted by HDI Youth Marketers, results have revealed that Samsung users are definitely among today’s trend setters and part of the ‘cool’ set.


Since 2004, the study has kept track of how youth interact with and respond to brands. It’s now the leading annual youth brand preference and consumer behaviour survey, polling over 5,500 youths aged eight to 23. Samsung was honoured with the Coolest Cell Phone and Coolest Computer Brand award.


Justin Hume, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung South Africa, says, “It’s always an honour to be considered for awards of this kind. Samsung’s focus is on creating brands and service that are innovative and people-centred, fitting in to our users’ lives seamlessly to enhance whatever their unique lifestyle is.”


Samsung placed second in the category for Coolest Brand Overall.


“The survey covers brands from clothing and beauty products to tech, television shows and local celebrities, so we’ve been pitted against many incredible companies with diverse offerings that interest the youth. To be a stand out as one of the coolest brand’s overall is a testament to the hard work our team, both globally and locally, has put in to ensure our products remain relevant to the youth market.”


Survey’s like this are a great way to really get into the minds of South Africa’s youth, so that brands can understand and deliver exactly what they want.

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