Samsung Introduces Neo QLED TV Bringing Sensational Big Screen Viewing to Australian Homes

March 5, 2021
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Samsung Electronics Australia has today unveiled the future of home entertainment, with its most impressive TV portfolio to date.

Debuting in 2021 is the revolutionary Neo QLED range, a completely new innovation from Samsung that delivers the ultimate in picture quality for big screen TVs. Samsung will also launch an expanded QLED 4K line-up and lifestyle TV portfolio with a brand new The Frame.


Samsung, the global leader in TV for 15 consecutive years1, will continue to build on its success in 2021 with its latest range of televisions. From its flagship Neo QLED 8K TV through to its entry level Crystal UHD and lifestyle line-up, the range underscores Samsung’s commitment to delivering the best home entertainment experience at a range of prices and designs to suit every Australian home.


Neo QLED: The pinnacle in big screen TV

Neo QLED delivers a quantum leap in TV display with the flagship 8K (QN900A) and 4K (QN90A) models – pushing the large screen experience to the next dimension through a complete new light source to deliver deep blacks, vibrant colour and incredible sound wrapped in a stunning design.

“What we watch and how we watch it has changed, and as we enter our 15th year as market leader¹, it is our role to continue to provide industry pioneering innovations that is designed for the way we live,” said Jeremy Senior, Vice President of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Australia.


“Neo QLED technology is a game-changer for big screen TVs in Australia, we’ve reengineered how the picture comes to life. We know Australians are buying bigger TVs and that picture quality is the number one consideration for many customers when upgrading, Neo QLED will offer incredible contrast, colour and brightness to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience” continued Mr Senior.

This new technology is taking QLED to the next level enabled by a new light source, Quantum Mini LED, which is precisely controlled by Quantum Matrix Technology and Neo Quantum Processor, a powerful picture processor optimised for Neo QLED.


The exclusive Quantum Mini LED is 1/40 of the thickness of a standard Samsung LED, which is achieved by replacing the traditional Samsung LED module lens with a Micro Layer that allows for more precise light control in a smaller package. The Quantum Matrix Technology then enables ultra-fine and precise control of the densely packed LEDs.

Neo QLED TVs are packed with more light sources than other Samsung LED TVs providing ultimate control in producing a picture quality to elevate the big screen experience.

Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K TV (QN900) will also feature Samsung’s Infinity Design —a nearly bezel-less screen providing an immersive viewing experience in a sleek design and form factor.


The Neo QLED 8K’s attachable Slim One Connect box offers a fresh new design to assist with cable management, it can now be attached to the TVs or sit separately on a cabinet, allowing for an easier install and cleaner aesthetic.

The Neo QLED 8K TV also packs in several premium, room-filling audio features, including Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro which offers dynamic sound corresponding to the movement of objects on screen. SpaceFit Sound is designed to analyse the installed TV’s physical environment and output immersive sound tailored specifically to your space at home.*


Pioneering Lifestyle TV Category: A TV design for every home

Samsung continues to reimagine the role of TV in the home and deliver innovative new ways consumers can experience content, art and stunning design in 2021.

Samsung’s extensive lifestyle TV range will see a brand new The Frame, alongside new design forms and software updates across the range. The Frame will feature a significantly slimmer profile, new bezel options and The Art Store continues to add new works, now offering 1,400 pieces from world-renowned galleries, allowing you to transform your home into your own personal gallery.2


Samsung’s award-winning lifestyle product portfolio will continue to range The Premiere, the ultra short throw triple laser 4K smart projector which transcends the at home cinema experience, The Sero, The Serif and The Terrace TV which is built for outdoor entertainment3, delivering 4K QLED picture and Smart TV features.

“As the lifestyles, viewing habits, and home entertainment demands of Australians evolve, so to do the features and technology across our Samsung TV lineup. With near-endless options for customisation, Samsung’s lifestyle TV portfolio continues to redefine the category, how a TV can be used and incorporated beautifully into a home,” explains Jeremy Senior.


Innovations in Sustainability

Samsung’s eco packaging solution will be brought to all TV products to responsibly manage waste created from product purchases by allowing customers to repurpose TV boxes into small-scale pieces of furniture.

The award-winning sustainable packaging design extends to the solar cell-powered remote control, which is predicted to assist in preventing the wastage of around 99 million AAA batteries globally over the course of seven years of TV usage4.


“We will also see the introduction of a sustainable TV remote, partially made out of recycled plastic that will charge via solar or indoor lighting to assist with reduced disposable battery waste.5” explains Jeremy Senior.

Samsung’s 2021 TV range will be available through various retail outlets nationally from Friday 5 March.

For more information on the 2021 TV range and specifications, visit the Samsung website.



Pricing and Availability

SERIES                                    SKU                               DESCRIPTION                     RRP

Neo QLED 8K                 QA85QN900AWXXY              85″ QN900A                      13,999

QA75QN900AWXXY              75″ QN900A                      10,499

QA65QN900AWXXY             65″ QN900A                      7,579

QA85QN800AWXXY             85″ QN800A                      10,499

QA75QN800AWXXY              75″ QN800A                      7,579

QA65QN800AWXXY             65″ QN800A                      5,599

Neo QLED 4K                 QA75QN90AAWXXY              75″ QN90A                         6,399

QA65QN90AAWXXY             65″ QN90A                         4,899

QA55QN90AAWXXY             55″ QN90A                         3,849

QA50QN90AAWXXY             50″ QN90A                         2,899

QA85QN85AAWXXY              85″ QN85A                         7,579

QA75QN85AAWXXY              75″ QN85A                          5,249

QA65QN85AAWXXY              65″ QN85A                         4,429

QA55QN85AAWXXY              55″ QN85A                         3,379

QLED                                   QA65Q80AAWXXY                 65″ Q80A                           3,489

QA55Q80AAWXXY                 55″ Q80A                           2,679

QA85Q70AAWXXY                 85″ Q70A                            5,829

QA75Q70AAWXXY                  75″ Q70A                            3,499

QA65Q70AAWXXY                 65″ Q70A                            2,799

QA55Q70AAWXXY                 55″ Q70A                            2,209

QA85Q60AAWXXY                 85″ Q60A                           4,619

QA75Q60AAWXXY                  75″ Q60A                           2,889

QA65Q60AAWXXY                  65″ Q60A                          2,189

QA55Q60AAWXXY                  55″ Q60A                           1,729

Crystal UHD                   UA85AU8000WXXY               85″ AU8000                     3,389

UA75AU8000WXXY               75″ AU8000                      2,259

UA65AU8000WXXY               65″ AU8000                      1,689

UA55AU8000WXXY               55″ AU8000                      1,349

UA50AU8000WXXY               50″ AU8000                     1,129

UA43AU8000WXXY               43″ AU8000                     1,017

FHD                                      UA32T5300AWXXY                32″ T5300                         619

The Frame                        QA75LS03AAWXXY                75″                                       4,079

QA65LS03AAWXXY               65″                                       2,899

QA55LS03AAWXXY               55″                                       2,329

QA50LS03AAWXXY               50″                                      1,979

QA43LS03AAWXXY               43″                                      1,629

QA32LS03TBWXXY                32″                                      919

The Premiere                 SP-LSP9TFAXXY                     9 SERIES                            10,999

SP-LSP7TFAXXY                     7 SERIES                             5,999

The Terrace                    QA75LST7TAWXXY                 75″                                       10,999

QA65LST7TAWXXY                65″                                       7,999

QA55LST7TAWXXY                55″                                       5,999

The Sero                            QA43LS05TAWXXY                43″                                       2,329

The Serif                         QA55LS01TAWXXY                 55″                                       2,099

QA43LS01TAWXXY                 43″                                       1,499




1 Source – Ombia Jan – 2021. Ranking in terms of shipments. Results are not an endorsement of Samsung. Any reliance on these results is at the third party’s own risk.

2 Compared to previous Frame models. Bezels sold separately. Supplied with 20 artworks. Additional artworks available for purchase or via subscription. Internet connection required.

3 Install undercover, protected from direct sunlight and severe weather.

4 Figures and product information based on internal research and sourced from

5 SolarCell Remote contains about 24% recycled content.



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