Samsung research reveals Australia’s love for festive films and summer sports viewing

November 30, 2023
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64% of Australians say it doesn’t feel like Christmas without “Christmas movies”

3 in 5 (59%) Australians plan to watch sports over the summer break

Half the nation can’t stand having the TV volume on an odd number or not a multiple of 5


Samsung Electronics Australia has today released its Summer Viewing Report, which unveils new research into how Australians will be embracing television viewing over the summer holiday period, with 94% of the nation set to watch movies from the comfort of their home during this time.


The report[1] commissioned by Samsung found that average person intends to watch 6 movies and 4.3 shows throughout the summer season, with the majority embracing the holiday spirit with Christmas movies, tuning into the big sporting moments, and binge-watching iconic TV shows.


With a screen for every Australian lifestyle, passion, and living space, Samsung’s TV range delivers big screen premium viewing and gaming experiences, while incorporating more personalisation options, and smart home connectivity.


“As Australians seek meaningful moments at home, we’ve seen the TV take centre stage and become the focal point for shared traditions – from bringing the family together for their favourite film, to connecting friends as they watch their sporting teams battle it out.


Our insights show that TVs are more than entertainment units, and at Samsung, we’re proud to play a part in redefining the landscape by making big screen experiences accessible, intuitive and personalised to Australians. Whether it’s the cinematic grandeur of a 98-inch screen or the versatility of outdoor and Lifestyle TVs, our line-up caters to every preference, all whilst delivering impeccable big screen picture and sound quality,” said Simon Howe, Director of Audio Visual, Samsung Electronics Australia.


Streaming into the Holiday Spirit

With the festive season fast approaching, Australians are preparing to deck the halls with households across the nation settling into the holidays by watching their favourite festive films. Three in five (64%) Australians say it doesn’t feel like Christmas without watching a “Christmas movie”, and over two-thirds (67%) of the nation plan to watch at least one festive movie in the lead up to 25 December.


For 44% of Australians, it is a tradition to watch the same Christmas movie every year with loved ones. In fact, Australians have watched their favourite festive flick 8.8 times on average. According to the report, Home Alone is Australia’s most popular holiday movie (15%), edging out the lead over Elf (9%), and followed by The Grinch (8%), Love Actually (7%) and Die Hard (6%). With men being five times more likely to watch Die Hard than women throughout the festive period. Outside of the glow of red and green lights, 47% of Australians admit they watch Christmas movies throughout the year to bring festive cheer to their daily lives.


Screening a Summer of Sports

Down under, summer ushers in a festive blend of Christmas, carols and a love for all things cricket. Samsung’s Summer Viewing Report has found that three in five (59%) Australians planning to watch sports over the holiday period, with cricket the most popular code (30%), followed by tennis (24%) and football/soccer (16%). In fact, one-third (33%) of the nation says they “always watch the Boxing Day Test”.


When it comes to enjoying this season’s major sporting moments, a staggering 97% of Australians plan to tune in from the comfort of their couch or from a mate’s place, and 16% intend to embrace the action from a pub or venue.


Regardless of where they choose to watch, Australians are opting for the best seat in the house, with those tuning in from home embracing big screen TVs, with 42% owning a screen over 60 inches and 11% over 75 inches – putting them right on the side lines so they don’t miss a minute of the action.


And for those, who can’t get enough of this summer of sports, Samsung now offers a huge sporting line up with its Samsung TV plus offering. Launched in 2017, as one of the first FAST (free ad supported television) services in Australia, Samsung TV Plus has steadily expanded its reach and content offering to deliver over 100 channels, with over 17 free premium sports channels available. This includes the world’s first cricket FAST channel, in partnership with Cricket Australia that launched earlier this month.  Cricket Gold, bowls fans over with hours of archive footage including classic matches, game highlights and informative documentaries from the Cricket Australia films vault.


Pressing Play on movies and shows

As the nation is typically set to embrace more downtime over the holiday season, two in five (40%) of Australians intend to watch more movies than usual with the average person screening 5.8 films. Conversely, over one in four (27%) Australians plan to watch more TV shows than usual, with the average Australian set to watch 4.3 shows over the summer break.


When it comes to content, Australians are seeking comedic relief, with the most popular genre being comedy (69%),  however they also want to be kept on the edge of their seat with drama (51%) taking the second spot, and crime (39%), romance (36%), documentary (34%) and reality (30%) following suit. Over half (52%) of Australians will be looking for something new to watch, while one-quarter (25%) will seek familiar faces and opt to re-watch old favourites such as Friends and The Office.


Aussies take control, one click at a time

When it comes to watching  content Australians like to be in the driver’s seat, with 55% of Australians stating they “always like” to be in control of the remote when watching movies or shows with others, whilst 47% prefer to watch TV alone to avoid fights over the remote.


Not only do Australians want to be able to call the shots on what they watch, but they also aren’t shy about being volume maestros either. Almost half of the nation (47%) is hyper-aware of their TV’s volume levels, ensuring this is “always” set to a multiple of 2 or 5. Even numbers are more popular and the preference of over one-third (36%), while 27% prefer a multiple of 5.


Millennials and Gen Z Australians appear to be the most passionate about controlling the TV viewing experience, with the report revealing 62% want to hold the remote and almost half (49%) ensure the volume level is even.



Tuning in on the go and with our nearest and dearest

This summer, Australians are set to take their viewing on the road, into the great outdoors, and beyond. To stay entertained all season long, Australians will be streaming their favourite movies and programs from holiday homes (10%), in transit like on a plane or in the car (6%), and even while camping (4%). Those who own a projector are 43% more likely to be watching TV over the break, likely thanks to the ability to view from anywhere while embracing the warm, summer weather.


TV viewing is both a solo and shared experience, with 48% of the nation often watching their favourite movie with their partner and the same percentage on their own. Women are slightly more inclined to tune in by themselves and gain some much needed down time (50% vs. 45% of men), while gathering the family to watch a movie together remains popular amongst single and couples with kids at home parents nationwide (69% and 60% respectively).


A Screen for Every Experience

With Australians embracing at home TV and movie viewing over the summer period, Samsung’s 2023 AV range offers a screen experience for virtually every Australian lifestyle, passion, and living space.


Committed to delivering innovative products and features designed to ‘WOW’, Samsung’s TV range offers a variety of big screen experiences. Across its line-up of TVs, of which includes Neo QLED in both 8K and 4K as well as QLED, OLED, Crystal UHD in 4K,  and a wide range of projectors, the Global No.1 TV brand for 17 years running[2] delivers premium viewing and gaming experiences, while incorporating more personalisation options, and smart home connectivity.


To find out more about Samsung’s award-winning range of TVs and soundbars, visit


[1] Samsung Quick Insights: Christmas AV Report, conducted by Nature research in October 2023. Australians aged 18+, nationally representative on age, gender, and location. N=1,008.

[2] Source – Omdia, Jan-2023. Based on overall TV market share by manufacturer on an annual unit & revenue basis.

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