Samsung’s 2023 TV Lineup Wows Reviewers With Exceptional Picture Quality and Immersive Sound

May 17, 2023
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Samsung Electronics recently launched its new television lineup for 2023, which boasts a range of technological advancements[1] designed to deliver superior picture quality, sound performance and usability. Since March of this year, reviewers worldwide were given early access to Samsung’s newest Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K and OLED TVs, and it is evident that the 2023 lineup is already generating considerable buzz.


With upgraded premium features and innovations[2] that enable unparalleled viewing experiences, Samsung 2023 TVs are already setting a new benchmark for high-end screens. Below are some key highlights of the early reviews.


List of Featured Articles (In alphabetical order for each segment)


  • [Neo QLED 8K] Techaeris, Techradar
  • [Neo QLED 4K] Newsweek, T3, Trusted Reviews
  • [OLED] HD Guru, Home Cinema Choice, Sound & Vision
  • [Q Symphony] Trusted Reviews


Future-Proof Your Home Entertainment With Neo QLED 8K

Samsung Neo QLED 8K


Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K is representative of  , setting industry standards year over year. With the latest in upscaling technology and advanced features, the quality of Neo QLED 8K has been highly regarded for years, and the 2023 lineup now joins the ranks with positive reviews.


At the center of Neo QLED 8K’s immaculate display is the Neural Quantum Processor 8K that manages numerous neural networks and algorithms. The SoC leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to make sure every detail on the screen shines. Together with Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, it enables precise backlight control that illuminates highlights while showing deep black levels.


Outlets such as Techaeris highlighted the Neo QLED 8K, saying, “The 75″ 8K Samsung QN900C Neo-QLED TV is a fantastic television,” and ranked the device as a “Top Pick 2023” for the outlet. The outlet noted that, “if you want to future-proof your entertainment space, the Samsung QN900C is an excellent choice.” [3]




TechRadar also praised the Neo QLED 8K (QN900C) for its upscaling technology, noting that “Samsung’s top 8K TV has a gloriously detailed picture,” thanks to its Neural Quantum Processor. “There were many moments while viewing when I silently uttered ‘wow’, and that’s certainly not something I find myself doing with every TV I test,” the review noted. (TechRadar, 02/2023) [4]




Bringing True-to-Life Colours and Striking Contrast with Neo QLED 4K

Drawing from the technological advancements of the Neo QLED 8K lineup, Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLED 4K TVs are already making headlines for producing stunning visuals in pristine 4K resolution.


Recognising the QN95C for its screen technologies that provide quality viewing experiences for consumers, Newsweek commended the TV, saying, “The Samsung 65QN95C is an incredibly bright, feature-packed 4K TV with everything that gamers and binge-watchers will love.” The review also stated that, “The Samsung QN95C is one of the best TVs you can buy, delivering near OLED black levels and great performance while gaming or streaming.”[5]




T3 honoured the QN95C with its “Platinum Award” and giving the TV five out of five stars in its review. In comparing it to other screens, T3 noted, “The Samsung QN95C delivers outstanding image quality that rivals any OLED on the market.” (T3, 03/2023) [6]

Trusted Reviews compared the QN95’s capabilities to other devices on the market as well, stating that, “There’s simply no other LCD TV out there that uses local dimming that limits backlight blooming as well as the QE65QN95C.” The publication also complimented the device’s Quantum Matrix Technology, noting, “Samsung has taken things a step further with their latest Mini LED TV, which boasts a massive increase in dimming zones – and the results are nothing short of spectacular.”[7]


The Neo QLED 4K’s Neural Quantum Processor 4K and Quantum Matrix Technology come together for brilliant detail and sensational contrast, as Trusted Reviews said, “Together with Samsung’s already well-established prowess when it comes to local dimming and power management, this huge dimming zone increase has the potential to take picture quality to a whole new level.”[8]



Game-Changing OLED Experience Powered by Neural Quantum Processor 4K

Samsung OLED


Samsung’s mission is, in part, to meet the diverse demands of consumers by providing them with a wide variety of screens for their homes. Its latest TV lineup offers a range of premium screens, with something for almost every scenario and every consumer, including Samsung’s 2023 OLED TVs that offer dynamic picture quality with deep black levels and lively colours.


Samsung OLED features incredible peak brightness that does not sacrifice deep black levels or breathtaking contrast thanks in part to its advanced processing. HD Guru noted in its review that Samsung’s latest S95C enjoys, “a significant brightness boost while maintaining 100% color volume.” Home Cinema Choice also commended the S95C’s impressive colour quality and stating, “improvements in brightness and color punch have been achieved without seemingly any detriment to the deep black levels we’ve come to expect from OLED-based technologies.” [9]


Samsung OLEDs also retain the core strengths of OLED technology while helping overcome the inherent limitations of OLED’s brightness by leveraging its Neural Quantum Processor 4K. “The 77-inch S95C delivers a potent combination of quantum dot OLED vibrance, reference-level color accuracy, and hyperfast gaming,” as noted by Sound & Vision.[10] The reviewer also recognised the Samsung dedication to innovation, noting of the S95C, “It’s been a long journey to arrive at a TV that fully expresses creative intent right out of the box, but this is it.” 



Lifelike Soundstage Powered by Q-Symphony and Sound Remastering

Speakers on the rear side of Samsung Neo QLED(QN900C)


A key component to providing cinematic at-home entertainment is rich and immersive sound that complements a lifelike picture, which Samsung delivers in full through its 2023 lineup.


Samsung 2023 TVs feature innovations such as Adaptive Sound+, which uses AI technology to remaster each sound object, ensuring all audio is clear and at just the right volume. It also continues to leverage Q-Symphony, applying AI to enhance the harmonic sound of combined TV speakers and soundbars [11]


Samsung’s 2023 TV lineup has received numerous recognitions for its immersive soundscape, with outlets such as Trusted Reviews commenting that, “The QE65QN95C also offers an AI-enhanced version of Samsung’s Q Symphony feature this year, too, enabling the speakers in the TV to combine with those in a Samsung soundbar more effectively to create a larger, more detailed soundstage.”[12] The outlet rated the TV as “Highly Recommended,” and gave it five out of five stars.


Samsung continues to revolutionise the industry, reinforcing its legacy as the global leader in the TV market for 17 years[13]. To learn more about Samsung’s 2023 TV lineup, visit


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