A Day with the Gear IconX Fitness Earbuds

on November 17, 2016
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Featuring a stylish, cord-free design and standalone fitness tracking, the Gear IconX was designed to help users optimize their exercise and add new convenience to the listening experience. The following is a snapshot of an average day with the Gear IconX.



A Day with Gear IconX_Main_1


[7:00am] Monday, we meet again. Time to get up and start another week off on the right track with a quick shower and a hearty breakfast. Once I’m ready, I dig my smartphone out from under my blanket and glance toward the nightstand at my Gear IconX’s pill-shaped case. The green lights tell me that the earbuds are fully charged and ready to go. Let’s do this.




A Day with Gear IconX_Main_2


[8:00am] On the subway, when I plug the Gear IconX into my ears and it senses my heart beat, the earbuds automatically connect to my smartphone. From there, all it takes to start enjoying my music is a simple tap. The subway car’s full to bursting as usual, and I adjust the volume with a quick swipe of the touchpad. I’m glad I can, too. I couldn’t reach my smartphone to turn it up even if I tried.




A Day with Gear IconX_Main_3


[9:30am] Time for work, so I store the Gear IconX in its case for safe keeping and to charge. I usually work for 9 hours, but after a single charge of the case and earbuds, and factoring in the two additional charges the case provides, my Gear IconX works for longer; it’s good to go for up to 11 hours of standalone play. Plus, the case is sleek and refined, blends in nicely with my workstation, and makes keeping track of the earbuds easy. I won’t have to worry about finding them at all.




A Day with Gear IconX_Main_4


[12:00pm] Lunch time! The weather’s nice, so after a quick bite, I put on my Gear IconX to stream some music while I go for a walk. When I approach the intersection by our office, I hear a car horn blare as a driver runs a red light and speeds through the crosswalk in front of me. Close call. Thanks to Gear IconX’s Ambient Sound mode, however, I was able to respond to the noise and come out safe and sound. Relieved, I head back upstairs.




A Day with Gear IconX_Main_5

[3:30pm] During a break from work, I connect my phone to the Gear IconX via a USB connector and cable to add a few more songs a friend recommended. Both earbuds feature built-in storage – 4GB in all – which means I can easily enjoy tons of tracks even without my phone. I’ve got about 500 saved on them now, and their memory is only half full. Plenty of room to discover more great tunes.




A Day with Gear IconX_Main_6


[6:30pm] After clocking out, I test out the new songs on the way home. Just before I reach my door, I hear a call from my brother Sean coming in and take it with a double tap of the Gear IconX’s touchpad. Looks like he’s going to be latefor dinner at the sushi bar tonight. I assure him it’s fine. It just means the meal is on him.




A Day with Gear IconX_Main_7


[7:00pm] There’s nothing like a good run to decompress after a long day. Before I got my Gear IconX, I had to make sure that I brought my earphones, smartphone and fitness tracker (all charged, of course) with me as my “running mates”. Now, the Gear IconX is all I need to go for a quick run. Before I start, I activate the Gear IconX’s fitness tracking mode by pressing on its touchpad until I hear “Start workout”. Even when I run, the earbuds fit comfortably. My ears are definitely on the bigger side, but the ear- and wing-tip attachments allowed me to find a snug fit.




A Day with Gear IconX_Main_8


[7:30pm] The Gear IconX’s Voice Guide tells me I’m 5K into my run, absolutely incinerating the calories from last night’s monstrous lasagna, and firmly within my vigorous intensity zone. I’m pleased to hear that I’m making good time, too; the high-energy tracks I loaded onto the earbuds yesterday are definitely helping.




A Day with Gear IconX_Main_9

[9:00pm] After my workout, I check S Health to view the Gear IconX’s collected measurements. Mission accomplished; my most active day this month. I’m very happy with its burned-calorie and heart-rate reports, and judging by the distance of my run, I’m not surprised that I’ve worked up such an appetite. I make a note to order an extra California roll on Sean’s dime to reward myself.



A Day with Gear IconX_Main_10

[11:00pm] After dinner, I head home to relax and get ready for bed. Before turning in, I connect the Gear IconX’s case to my PC via USB cable and open the Gear IconX Manager, which allows me to conveniently compile tomorrow’s playlist with tracks from my hard drive. I feel a ‘Techno Tuesday’ coming on. After finishing, I plug in the case and head to bed. I’ll need my rest; I’ve got a new step record to beat tomorrow.

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