“Everything About 5G” – Samsung Publishes 5G NR Standards Whitepaper

on June 14, 2018
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These days, people can use their smartphone for telephone conversations or the Internet wherever they travel. Although each country has different service providers and communication networks (frequencies), the reason people can easily use their device anywhere in the world is because of the international standard. The standard for communication is a ‘basic’ element to provide related services. It also includes a ‘promise’ between global governments and service providers.


The collaboration between groups of telecommunications standards associations, the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) opens its general assembly in San Diego, the U.S. from June 11 to 14 and announces details on the first standards for the 5G mobile communication. Samsung Electronics published a 5G standards whitepaper following the general assembly on June 14.


With the title of “Who & How: Making 5G NR Standards”, the paper contains clear information on 5G mobile communication and its standards including the reason why standards are required in telecommunication, establishment process of the 5G standards and technological characteristics of the 5G standards. The paper explains the frequencies and new technologies for 5G such as above 6GHz range that had previously not been used in telecommunication.


5G Frequency Bands


The paper also contains interviews with five employees who work as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the 3GPP and 5G business fields. The interviews show Samsung’s leadership in the standardization and commercialization of 5G in a Q&A format.


“Samsung has been leading the 3GPP standardization for more than two years and introduced 5G super high frequency equipment for the first time in the world,” said Woojune Kim, Senior Vice President of the Network Division at Samsung Electronics. “Until 2020, we will actively support the commercialization of 5G including super high frequency and low frequency equipment with Korea, the U.S., Japan and other 5G leading countries at the very center of the change”.


The whitepaper, “Who & How: Making 5G NR Standards,” is available for download at the Samsung Electronics Network Division homepage.


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