Samsung Researcher Elected as the Chair of 3GPP Radio Access Network Working Group 1

on May 12, 2021
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Samsung Electronics today announced that Dr. Younsun Kim, Master at Samsung Research, was elected as the Chair of RAN WG1 (Radio Access Network Working Group 1) in a 3GPP meeting, held online on May 11.



3GPP is a consortium of seven regional telecommunication standards organizations established in 1998 to develop a unified global standard for mobile telecommunications. RAN WG1, the largest working group within the project with more than 600 delegates, is responsible for the development of the physical layer specifications of the 3GPP radio access technology. The working group has been overseeing the development of wireless communications technologies such as OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing), MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output), cellular IoT (Internet-of-Things), and V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) for LTE and 5G specifications.


The working group is currently working on several technical areas to evolve 5G. Such technical work includes improvement of 5G coverage, reduction of power consumption in 5G devices, and enabling of new 5G-based services over satellite link and unlicensed spectrum.


Younsun Kim brings 20 years of experience in the field of wireless communications standards. Since 2017, he has been serving as the Vice-Chair of RAN WG1.


Samsung Electronics currently holds a total of five Chair and Vice-Chair positions in 3GPP (two Chairs, three Vice-Chairs). In addition to Younsun Kim, Suresh Chitturi, a Principal Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore is currently the Chair of SA WG6 (Service and System Aspects Working Group 6). The company will continue its contribution to the wireless industry with its leadership in wireless technical standards and by driving the next stage of innovations for 5G-Advanced standards.

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