[Video] Here’s How Samsung’s Connected Home Appliances Simplify Daily Life

on September 1, 2018
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Samsung Electronics is showcasing a diverse range of connected home appliances at IFA 2018 that demonstrate exciting ways that the company’s advancements in AI and IoT technologies will simplify users’ daily lives.


Spanning TVs, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, lighting and more, the company’s latest smart innovations offer a level of convenience and seamlessness that only Samsung, with its deep know-how in these and other product categories, including chipsets and smartphones, can deliver.


Each device is available now, and connected by the company’s new Group Control by Automation technology, which allows users to comfortably manage a wide array of IoT devices at once. Each also offers a level of personalization that can help users streamline everything from managing household chores to enjoying their favorite entertainment.


Check out the video below for a glimpse at how Samsung’s innovative technologies are helping usher in the next era of connected living.




# Appliances That Spring Into Action as Soon as You Come Home

Samsung’s Group Control by Automation technology compatible appliances to essentially function on their own, automatically getting to work as soon as a user enters or leaves their home.


The technology, which is available in over 370 SmartThings-compatible devices, registers when users enter or exit their home via GPS signals from their mobile device, and utilizes advanced AI to analyze usage patterns for connected appliances.


The system may be configured to automatically turn on a household’s TVs, air conditioner, robot vacuum cleaner, lights or appliances in accordance with users’ preferences, which means that users no longer need to manually turn on each appliance they wish to use whenever they come home. As soon as you walk through the door, the system will activate and optimize the devices you use so you won’t have to.



# Designed to Cater to Multiple Users

The system enables a household’s appliances to automatically adjust their settings based on each member of the family’s usage patterns.


This means that, for example, when a student comes home from school each day, the settings for the air conditioner, TV and lighting will automatically adjust to suit their preferences, and reconfigure again once her parents get home from work. So whereas when the student gets home, the air conditioner is automatically set to 25°C and the TV switches to a kids’ channel, when her parents get back, the temperature adjusts to their preferred setting, and the TV flips to whichever channel they typically tune into at that time.


If the parents have set an appliance, such as a robot vacuum cleaner, to switch on as soon as they get home, it will activate automatically —although Group Control by Automation-connected devices support voice commands as well.


In addition, if there are two users in the house and one goes outside, the connected appliances’ settings will adjust based on the preferences of the user who stayed in. The system also removes the need to worry about accidentally leaving a device running when you leave home, as the appliances’ GPS tracking function enables them to automatically shut off or switch to standby mode as soon as you walk out the door.




# AI + IoT = More Ways to Streamline Your Day

Enhancing Samsung’s IoT technology and artificial intelligence unlocks convenient ways for users to simplify a wide range of household tasks.


For example, if, after a hard day’s work, you’re not sure what you’d like to watch on TV, the AI technology can recommend a channel based on the type of content your household typically views at that time, so you can sit back and focus on relaxing.


When it’s time to get dinner started, a simple press of the voice command button on your TV’s remote control will allow you to streamline dinner prep by asking the TV to display the contents of your connected fridge. You can even issue voice commands to find items in the refrigerator, browse recipes, check the oven’s cooking progress, and more.


Samsung Electronics is showcasing a new level of AI-powered convenience at IFA 2018 with its Group Control by Automation technology, which is not only capable of recognizing users and automatically controlling home appliances, but also analyzes users’ usage patterns and provides suggestions to help them streamline various tasks.

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