[Video] Galaxy Z Fold2: Official Introduction Films and Lifestyle Photos

on 02-09-2020
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On September 1 at their Galaxy Fold2: Unpacked Part2 event, Samsung Electronics introduced its latest device, the Galaxy Z Fold2, in captivating detail.


Not only does the Galaxy Z Fold2 come with a bigger screen than its predecessor, a feature that truly stands out once the device is opened up, but it also possesses a maximum screen refresh rate of 120Hz, a versatile Flex Mode and can fit right into the palm of your hand.


Take a look at the official Galaxy Z Fold2 introductory videos below to learn more about the device’s leading features and functionalities.








Along with these intro films, Samsung Global Newsroom has also curated a series of lifestyle pictures created expressly to showcase the Galaxy Z Fold2 and the shape of the future in action. Check them out below.






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  • GalaxyZFold2_Side_MysticBronze_dl5.jpg

  • GalaxyZFold2_OpenBack_Open_MysticBronze_dl8.jpg

  • GalaxyZFold2_Front_Open_MysticBronze_dl10.jpg

  • GalaxyZFold2_Back_Fold_MysticBlack_dl4.jpg

  • GalaxyZFold2_Back_Fold_MysticBronze_dl3.jpg

  • GalaxyZFold2_Back_MysticBlack_dl7.jpg

  • GalaxyZFold2_Front_Fold_MysticBlack_dl2.jpg

  • GalaxyZFold2_Front_Fold_MysticBlack_dl2.jpg

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