05.02.23 / TV & Audio

Conan O’Brien to Launch First Dedicated FAST Channel, Conan O’Brien TV, Available Only on Samsung TV Plus

Comedy legend enters FAST, bringing his Emmy Award-winning show to the masses for free starting May 24

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and Conan O’Brien announced a partnership that will bring his original Emmy Award-winning show “CONAN” exclusively to Samsung TV Plus viewers starting May 24. The Conan O’Brien TV channel will launch only on Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s 100% free ad-supported TV service (FAST) that delivers over 250 live channels in the U.S. and thousands of shows and movies on demand to millions of Samsung Smart TVs and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Built on the spirit of Conan’s signature brand of comedy, the Conan O’Brien TV channel will deliver 24/7 programming, uniquely curated as 30-minute compilations of clips featuring the best of Conan’s late-night archives, including sketch comedy, celebrity guests and more.

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The clips will showcase some of Conan’s most popular celebrity interviews with A-listers like John Hamm, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell, Lisa Kudrow, Gal Godot, Kate McKinnon, Martin Short, Martha Stewart, Jack McBrayer, Mindy Kaling, Jack Black, Justin Bieber and more. Viewers can also expect fan-favorite segments like Triumph the Insult Dog and Clueless Gamer, as well as appearances from Andy Richter, Jordan Schlansky and Sona Movsesian.


With 100 hours of programming lined up for the channel’s launch and more to follow, Conan O’Brien’s foray into the surging streaming TV market is timely.

“We are thrilled to expand the reach of the show in partnership with one of the best brands in the world,” said Jeff Ross, Executive Producer. “Samsung TV Plus is the ideal home for Conan’s first FAST channel, given the scale and credibility of the service within the FAST sector. It allows us to instantly share some of the best moments of the show with our loyal fans and to reach new ones.”

The Conan O’Brien TV channel, available only on Samsung TV Plus, is the latest partnership between Samsung TV Plus and leading content creators, networks and studios, which enable the brand’s platform – one of the first FAST services by a device manufacturer – to offer nearly 2,000 completely free channels globally, reaching 24 countries.

“We are in a golden era of content creation and Samsung TV Plus is fiercely committed to staying at the cutting edge of the premium programming that consumers want,” said Salek Brodsky, SVP & GM of Samsung TV Plus. “Samsung is proud to launch Conan’s first FAST channel and bring his signature brand of comedy to millions of Samsung TV Plus users. We greatly value our collaboration with such innovative and creative partners and look forward to continuing our efforts to deliver laughs, fun and entertainment to audiences at home and on-the-go.”

With premium programming spanning news, sports, entertainment, comedy, reality, movies and lifestyle programming, the Conan O’Brien TV channel joins the robust comedy offering on Samsung TV Plus, including the launch of Kevin Hart’s the LOL! Network earlier this year.


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