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Living My Best Life with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra



Samsung employees are the innovators, creators, trailblazers, doers, problem solvers, and changemakers of our organization. They inevitably touch some point in our products’ journey, whether it’s conception, design, development, creation, marketing, customer care, sales, or recycling. If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering what Samsung products are they actually adding to their carts. And, among those, what are the products that they love the most?

As part of our “Living My Best Life” series, summer intern Hari Annamraju shares his love of the great outdoors and globetrotting. His adventurous spirit led him to live in Seattle for three months last summer and embark on a week-long solo journey to Germany in March. For Hari, the key to preserving these remarkable experiences lies in capturing the stunning scenery in all its detail and splendor. Enter the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, a device that seamlessly integrates into his daily life, from serving as a morning alarm to being a trusty camera for documenting his travels and a reliable way to stay connected with his family in India, all without missing a beat.

What truly sets the Galaxy S22 Ultra apart for Hari is its exceptional versatility in capturing the beauty he encounters during his adventures. With its array of five cameras, he can effortlessly switch between capturing the intricate details of an evergreen leaf just inches in front of him to zooming in on a distant glacier perched atop a mountain. The smartphone ensures each shot is rendered with impeccable accuracy, vibrant color, and stunning resolution. And when he shares these images with his family and friends, they practically get to relive his experiences, almost as if they were right there with him.

For Hari, the evolution from his old Galaxy S4 to his Galaxy S22 Ultra is a testament to Samsung’s constant innovation. The product refinements are evident in every element of the Galaxy S22 Ultra – and it’s part of the reason he wanted to intern for our brand. As someone deeply connected to nature and its rejuvenating power for the soul, Hari finds purpose in capturing these moments. By sharing the wonders of the world through his lens, he hopes to “create a more sustainable future,” inspiring others to appreciate and protect the beauty of our planet. In his eyes, nature isn’t just a source of inspiration; it’s a call to action, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra is Hari’s trusted companion in this mission to create a more sustainable world.

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