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Samsung Electronics Expands Its Online Stores Dedicated to B2B Customers to 30 Countries Worldwide

Online store expansion enables more small and medium-sized enterprises than ever to shop and receive benefits that fit their needs

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced the opening of a new online store for its B2B customers in Germany. The new store will be added to expand to 30 countries worldwide.


Samsung’s B2B online store is a service within Samsung.com providing products and solutions, as well as purchase benefits – all dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The Samsung B2B online store accepts various payment options for businesses, such as installment payments and invoice payments. Additionally, customers can benefit from exclusive corporate-only promotions, discounts on the total purchase amount and technical support. Furthermore, customers can shop from a diverse product portfolio from Samsung Electronics, ranging from TVs, monitors, air conditioners, and refrigerators to mobile products such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

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Samsung Electronics first launched its B2B online store in October 2021 in Australia, France, Türkiye, the UK and the U.S. Since then, the service has vastly expanded throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East with an impressive coverage of 30 countries in less than a year and a half.

“The key elements to the remarkable expansion of B2B online stores are open accessibility, simple purchase process, and a variety of payment methods specialized for SMBs,” said Daniel Kang, Executive Vice President and Head of the D2C Center at Samsung Electronics. “As we see the growth potential in the online B2B business globally, Samsung will continue to expand and develop services to provide practical benefits and support for our SMB customers.”


Compared to last year, the average number of newly signed-up members globally has increased by 100% and the sales on the B2B online stores have doubled in growth as of this February[1]. Based on these achievements, Samsung Electronics plans to grow its online B2B retail footprint further to maximize the benefits and services aimed specifically at SMBs.

[1] Based on internal research

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