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The 5-Minute Fix from Samsung Care: Your Essential Fall Home Tech Refresh


As the dog days of summer give way to the cozy vibes of fall, there’s no better time to give your tech some TLC. The seasonal transition also signals the approach of the holiday season, which means extra time for cooking and cleaning.

Samsung is kicking off our new Care Advice column from the experts in Samsung Care. Our engineers, repair technicians and customer service pros will share their top tips to get the most out of the tech in your life. The best part? You can do most of them in 5 minutes or less.

Nick Webert, senior director of Care Field Service Operations, addresses questions we receive as our customers gear up for fall.


Q: The inside of my washer has an odor. How do I clean it?

Nick’s 5 Minute Fix: For front load washers, grab a rag and wipe out the door seal to clean up any dried detergent. Then, wipe out the detergent compartments as well. In addition, I like to run a self-clean cycle when my Samsung washer alerts me, which uses very hot water to clear out any remaining dirt and debris behind the drum. You can add in your favorite laundry machine maintenance product, but it’s not necessary. Just remember to avoid using abrasive or petroleum-based cleaners when wiping down your appliance, as they can damage your finish.

When You Have a Little More Time: If you still have concerns with the odor, your washer might need a deeper clean. But, here’s the good news: Household items you probably have on-hand – plus some elbow grease – should take care of it. Start by pouring about a quart of white vinegar mixed with baking soda into the washer drum. Then, use a stiff nylon (not metal!) brush to scrub the interior. After scrubbing, use the hottest temperature setting and run a wash cycle. I recommend Heavy Duty if your machine has that setting with the cleaning solution still inside. This should not only sanitize, but also keep the washer smelling fresh all season long.

Q: My vacuum can’t pick up debris due to a clogged brush. Is this part of the vacuum actually “cleanable”?

Nick’s 5 Minute Fix: Believe it or not, it is. When putting vacuums to work, the brush at the foot of the vacuum can get clogged. My colleague, who has four daughters, sees this often. Here’s a simple fix. First, turn off the vacuum. Then, use a pair of scissors to carefully free and dispose of hairs and dust clumps wrapped around the brush head – just ensure you avoid the bristles so you don’t give your vacuum an actual haircut!

When You Have a Little More Time: To maintain best performance, I recommend removing and rinsing the brush head and dustbin with water once a month. Let the brush completely dry before using. I love to set it outside to dry, but I put it in the shade, as sun can cause damage.

Q: I use my phone to control my smart appliance, but its connectivity has been lagging. How can I resolve the problem?

Nick’s 5 Minute Fix: First things first: Check that your appliance and phone are connected to Wi-Fi. Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many times our service technicians solve customers’ questions with just this easy fix. If that’s not an issue, run a diagnostic test on your phone to make sure there isn’t something else going on.

On your Galaxy device, go into ‘Settings’ and select ‘Battery and device care.’ Then tap ‘Diagnostics.’1 If you go into Phone Diagnostics, you’ll see many tools you can use to check the health of your phone. Scroll until you see ‘Wi-Fi’ – tap it and run a quick test to determine the signal strength in your area. You’ll then get information to resolve connection issues, or be directed to contact our remote customer support team for help.

When You Have a Little More Time: We recommend contacting your Wi-Fi provider to ensure your router is functioning properly. Also, take a few minutes to run all of the phone diagnostic tests to check battery, camera, wireless charging and more, to ensure your device is working at peak performance.

Samsung provides convenient, accessible and quality care options to help people keep their Samsung mobile devices, PCs, consumer electronics and home appliances up and running. We offer #1 Service Center Network Coverage in the U.S. for mobile devices2, with nearly 10,000 Samsung Mobile certified technicians and walk-in, mail-in and We Come to You repair services. Samsung is also able to provide 99.9% of the U.S. with Care coverage for consumer electronics and home appliances, even in rural areas, through services like Samsung Beyond Boundaries.3

Check back next month for more quick fixes to save time…and energy!

Nick Webert is the senior director of Care Field Service Operations for the Customer Care Division at Samsung Electronics America. With nearly 30 years of experience in the customer service industry, Nick is committed to ensuring the highest levels of care for Samsung customers across the U.S., which is evidenced by Samsung Electronics America’s Customer Care division receiving two Gold Awards from the 2023 U.S. Customer Experience Awards (US CXA®23).


1 Samsung Members app required.
2 Among leading smart phone manufacturers (in-warranty authorized locations only); based on population within 30 min. drive of walk-in service center or home van service center ($30 home van service fee).
3 Coverage includes 99.9% of delivery zip codes (excluding P.O. box, APO/FPO/DPO) by our largest retailer;  in-warranty service only.

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