06.14.22 / Workforce

Rewriting the Future: Connectivity

Talking Points

  • The time to shape our collective success in the post-pandemic future is now.
  • As part of a “Rewriting the Future” video series, Samsung employees share their views on how to address the vulnerabilities that have been presented during the pandemic and examine the opportunities that lie ahead.
  • "What we’re looking at in a future state is connected technology moving into the background and seamless, intuitive experiences moving into the foreground.” Samantha Fein, Vice President Business Development & Marketing

The return to a new normal is already here, so the time is now to rethink the post-pandemic future. Foresight in this moment calls for a rewrite of the future by both addressing the vulnerabilities that have been presented in the last two years and examining the equitable, sustainable, and enriching opportunities that lie ahead. As part of a multi-part video series, Samsung employees across business areas have been sharing their views on the future of innovation, sustainability, diversity & inclusion, health & well-being, education, design, and customization. And this is their take on connectivity.

Connected living is primed for mass adoption. The technology people wanted became the technology they needed as their homes were transformed into workspaces, educational institutions, fitness clubs, entertainment hubs, telehealth centers, and more. With an accelerating demand for hyperconnectivity, consumers have come to expect a unified, personalized, and anticipatory experience, which can only be achieved when connected devices, data (AI & IoT), and networks (5G) work in perfect harmony.

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