A Day with the GPS Sports Band, Gear Fit2

on July 13, 2016
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Equipped with unique features, a stylish design and a fitness-optimized UX, the Gear Fit2 has every tool you need to work toward being a healthier and happier you, at any hour of the day. Here is a portrait of your daily life that we imagine how the Gear Fit2 can be your companion.


6:00am – Rise and shine! It may be Monday, but after a good night’s rest, I’m feeling ready to take on the week. Before I’m out of bed, I switch off the alarm on my Gear Fit2. The device is lightweight, making it comfortable to wear throughout the entire day, even when I’m sleeping. It recognizes that I’m now up and moving around, and lets me check my sleep analysis about fifteen minutes after waking up.



6:30am – There’s no better way to start the morning than with a quick bike ride along the river. And, with the Gear Fit2, I can actually enjoy the scenery, as I’ve manually activated it to keep track of my stats. All I have to do is set the target duration of my ride; the sports band then detects my movements and lets me know when I reach my goal. Its built-in GPS also tracks my route so I don’t have to.  





8:10am – After a quick shower and breakfast, I log my coffee consumption. I’m really trying to cut back on caffeine, and the sports band is a good way to keep track of how much I’m drinking coffee. Before I’m out the door, I stylize my sports band with a watch face to better match my outfit. I end up settling on Activity Sparkles—a pretty face that twinkles when I’m physically active.



8:35am – I use the half hour commute to work to read the news and update S Health on my smartphone. I use the Together feature to check the Steps challenge and Steps leaderboard updates. I see that I’ve won my latest one-on-one competition with my sister Ellie. It looks like she owes me dinner.





10:50am – It’s amazing how fast mornings in the office fly by. Sometimes, I don’t even realize how long I’ve been typing away at my computer. Fortunately, my Gear Fit2 vibrates to alert me when I’ve been sitting for too long, like now. I take a bathroom break and refill my water bottle to get moving.



12:15pm – I grab a salad for lunch and go for a walk around the neighborhood with my co-worker, Morgan. Ten minutes in, the Gear Fit2 notifies me that I’m walking at a healthy pace and automatically starts recording my walking session. Even when the sun is at its highest and brightest, the sports band’s display is clear and visible. When we conclude our walk, it automatically indicates the total walking time, distance, calories burned and average speed.





4:10pm – I’m in an important meeting when my Gear Fit2 vibrates, and a message from Sam pops up; he’s going to be late for our dinner appointment tonight. I send him a quick reply discreetly with a simple tap on the device to confirm.





6:40pm – The work day is officially over, so I head to the gym to blow off some steam. I put on my earbuds and pair them with my Gear Fit2, which I’ve already loaded with my workout playlists. Unlike other devices, I don’t even need to carry my phone, since the sports band is equipped with its own standalone music player. The high-energy songs keep me motivated during my Pilates session.





7:45pm – After my workout, I check my heart rate and tag it as an “After exercise” measurement. Monitoring my heart rate is a good way to optimize my aerobic fitness.





9:30pm – After dinner (and dessert) with Sam, I see that Ellie has shared the results of our Steps Challenge on Facebook via S Health. She has come out on top… this time. I send her a congratulatory text, promising her a tasty dinner. I appreciate having friends and family who constantly encourage me to be the healthiest I can be, and the Gear Fit2 only complements that support.



10:50pm – Before turning in for the night, I check the 24-hour Log to see how many calories I’ve burned for the day, and compare today’s activity with that of the past few days. It looks like I’m improving. I also see in my notifications that I’ve earned the floor reward for the third time this week, having climbed 10 flights of stairs.





I set the Gear Fit2 on its easy-to-use charging cradle so it can charge while I sleep. With an extensive battery life, it can last a good three to four days before recharged. I personally don’t have that kind of energy, but with a little help from my Gear Fit2, I’m slowly and surely becoming happier and healthier. Perhaps I’ll challenge someone else to a new steps challenge tomorrow, but for now, it’s bedtime.

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