A Refrigerator Revolution: Samsung’s Bespoke Fridge Has Been Taking the World by Storm

on October 20, 2021
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The global launch of Samsung Electronics’ Bespoke refrigerator ushered in a whole new era of customizable home appliances. Allowing you to personalize your fridge’s color, material and modules to suit your needs, Bespoke epitomizes Samsung’s commitment to offering products that cater to consumers’ evolving lifestyles.


Markets’ response to the fridge has been extraordinary. Not only has the Bespoke refrigerator’s lifestyle-centric philosophy resonated with consumers, but Samsung’s innovation has enabled the company to increase engagement with the devices while also driving online sales.


Follow along as we take a closer look at what makes the Bespoke refrigerator unique, and the impact it has had on the market as a whole.



Award-Winning Innovation

When Bespoke launched in 2019, it presented a fresh take on the built-in fridge look. It combined Samsung’s minimalist design philosophy, known as Flat Style, with the ability to customize your fridge’s interior and exterior.


These qualities made it easy to blend the Bespoke fridge into any space and earned the appliance a variety of coveted design awards. These include a gold International Forum (iF) Design Award 2020, as well as a silver award and Best-in-Show honors at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2020.



A Trendsetter

Bespoke’s popularity also reflects changing refrigerator trends.


According to Samsung’s internal research, 39 percent of European consumers report that they view their home as a place for expressing themselves more now than they did before the pandemic. On top of that, 22 percent believe that the aesthetics of a purchase – how it will look in their home – is more important now than before the pandemic.


This has led to increased interest in a wider variety of colors in appliances. Prior to the launch of Bespoke, the vast majority of refrigerators sold worldwide were black or silver. Bespoke has changed this trend.


Globally, consumers have embraced light-colored fridges – with white fridges now accounting for more than 40 percent of demand and other light colors such as beige and pink also showing strong sales. In the U.S., white and navy each account for more than 20 percent of Bespoke demand and panel colors like gray, blue and pink also attracting consumers looking for something different for their kitchens.



Bringing Bespoke to the People

Since launching the Bespoke lineup, Samsung has gone to great lengths to offer consumers opportunities to experience Bespoke and get to know the refrigerator’s customization-first philosophy. These efforts include hosting a variety of online and offline events that illustrate Bespoke’s true value.


On social media, consumers were invited to creatively engage with Bespoke design through two social media campaigns. The #BespokeDinnerParty challenge asked consumers to put together dinner party ideas that were inspired by Bespoke colors, while the Bespoke Design Contest had consumers creating their own designs for the Bespoke refrigerator.


Additionally, Samsung created stunning experienced-focused brand showrooms in London, New York and Seoul where customers can visit and engage with the unique features of Bespoke products firsthand. The showrooms bring the Bespoke philosophy to life, decorated to demonstrate how Bespoke Home appliances can blend into a variety of spaces and lifestyles.



Samsung also brought these offline experiences online with the Bespoke Studio on samsung.com, an online flagship store where users can browse, explore, learn more about their favorite products, join in on conversations and purchase customized products with the help of a virtual configurator.


The tool allows you to design and purchase your very own Bespoke refrigerator. Not only does it make selecting a Bespoke color that matches your interior easy and convenient, but it also makes purchasing your refrigerator a breeze. If you need help or have questions, the website also features a virtual assistant so you can get answers in real time. Consumers in the U.S. can take the experience even further with the Bespoke AR Lens available in the Snapchat app, which allows you to use augmented reality to determine which Bespoke refrigerator will best suit your kitchen.




Efforts like these have led to Bespoke consumers increasingly turning to the online platform to make their purchases. Between January and August 2021, the proportion of Bespoke’s online sales saw a significant increase.  In the U.S., Samsung figures show that online purchases on samsung.com accounted for 45 percent of Bespoke’s total sales, compared to 3.4 percent for all refrigerators. In the U.K., online purchases on samsung.com accounted for 33 percent of Bespoke’s total sales, compared to 8.1 percent for all fridges.


With the success of the experienced-focused brand showrooms, social media campaigns and Bespoke Studio, Samsung will continue to develop unique experiences that both introduce consumers to the Bespoke philosophy and enrich the customization and purchasing process for Bespoke products.


Stay tuned to the Newsroom for more updates on Samsung’s one-of-a-kind fridge.

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