Our First Experience with the SUHD Quantum Dot TV in Our Home

on June 22, 2016
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This article was written by Penn Holderness, originally posted on the Samsung TV global website. The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the Samsung Newsroom.





Hi there,


I am Penn Holderness, you know, the dad from The Holderness Family. Who else is in The Family? My amazing wife, Kim, our beautiful daughter, Lola, and my boy, Penn Charles. In case you don’t know us, we like to watch all the crazy stuff going on in our lives, then write it down, then make it rhyme, then sing about it! It started with “XMas Jammies”, and snowballed from there.


I know it isn’t Christmas yet, but I can’t wait.  I need to tell you about the new SUHD Quantum dot TV.  Ever since unboxing it on the day it arrived at our home, it has just been the center of our family, and has turned out to be one of the best interior design ideas we’ve ever had for our living room. So here ye go, hope you enjoy it as much as our family did!



Day 1: Saying hello to our new Samsung SUHD Quantum dot TV

We have a newcomer in our family, the Samsung SUHD wide screen TV. I’m just not ready to let go of my good old grainy TV, but it seems as if the family is already in love with it. They’re going around saying it’s the best smart TV, the best 4K TV, that it’s one of the greatest interior design ideas that we’ve had so far, blah blah blah. I mean, what do they see in it? Other than its curved screen, its beautiful design all around, and its flawless, clean back, what makes it so special?


Ahh, has the time finally come for me to say goodbye to my dear old TV?




Day 2: All along, it wasn’t my lack of focus, but the lack of an immersive curved design of the Quantum dot TV

So I unboxed a brand new SUHD wide screen TV today.


It simply came with a power cord, a remote control, a user manual, and the One Connect, so I removed this right off the top of the box.


But then I noticed from it that the screen was BENT! What the heck??!! I was all ready to return it when Kim told me that it’s “CURVED” on purpose, so that it can give us a more immersive viewing experience. OK. Whatever that means.


But I’ve been mechanically programmed to trust her. For real, she’s right. Immersed was right. I kinda felt hypnotized. I felt like I was being pulled right into the curved screen, and had lost track of time. Yeah, come to think of it, I think I remember Kim calling me and the kids a few times… I wonder if she’s still looking for us…




Day 3: It’s a great interior design idea; the TV is designed for perfection from every angle

Kim was going on about how beautiful the design is, even in the back. I couldn’t argue, and that frame — which was so slim I could hardly find it — is admittedly really cool. Here’s my philosophical take: A perfectly designed TV is one that’s perfect even in the deepest corners and the rear, and has a minimalistic frame. (Man that sounded smart.)


So we were thinking of where to put the TV, and instead of mounting it on the wall above the fireplace like our old TV, we ended up bringing our old, wooden TV stand from upstairs. OK, I lied. “I” brought the TV stand from upstairs. We blocked the hole from the wall mount with a painting from the garage, and shifted the entire living room 90 degrees to the right. And what’s weird is… even with the TV turned off, I can’t take my eyes off of it. It’s a TV, but it’s also a great interior design idea, making the TV the best décor for the living room.


What’s gotten into me?




Day 4: Fighting against my fear of complex setups

I share with thee my secretest secret of them all – I fear all machine installations and stuff…


That thought of hooking up all of the devices to the new Quantum dot TV… I could feel the chill going down my spine. But apparently, this new wide screen TV automatically recognizes my devices and the One Remote can control them all! Adios to my pile of remote controls, thanks to the Samsung Smart Remote!


The only thing is that Kim’s the one who showed me all of this… I hope she hasn’t found out about my fear… Or, has she? That’s even scarier now.




Day 5: Thank you, my new SUHD Quantum dot TV

So I was in my man cave after lunch today, watching my favorite show on my old grainy TV in pitch darkness. Kim came over and dragggged me right out of it, because she wanted to watch a movie with the kids on the new SUHD Quantum dot TV. I felt bad for my old grainy TV… movies are never fun when you watch them in the sun-lit living room!


Kim pulled me into the living room – I mean, without even shutting the curtains, so I knew what I was gonna see… a massive glare and an instant headache. But hey, what did I find out? The Quantum dot TV’s just as bright – actually, just as bright even with the sunlight! And I could hardly catch any glare on the screen!


Not just that, but with that Quantum dot display technology thingy, I could see every color that I could possibly imagine in just one scene from the movie we were watching. Putting the TV in the living room makes for more than just an awesome interior design idea, it just adds so much more color to my family time!


Well, I’m now in agony as I just feel even more sorry for my old TV… And feel a bit of gratitude to the new SUHD TV, for opening a new world to me. (But please don’t tell my old TV that.)




Day 6: It’s a truly “smart” Quantum dot TV is when it gets me

I have to confess. Kim’s totally into the new wide screen TV. Sometimes I feel jealous… because she never calls me “smart” like she does to the TV. Well, I know for sure that I’m smarter than that machine.


So, like every other day, Penn Charles & Lola got their hands on the new remote control. Yup. Just as imagined, they were fighting over the ownership of the remote – because the Lord of the Remote gets to see what the Lord wants to see. But hey, it was never a big deal because to select something to watch, this meant clicking on buttons.. a lot of buttons…


But what surprised me was that Penn Charles & Lola were able to actually control it on the fly, switching between Lola’s favorite cartoon and Penn Charles’ streaming games. With content that easily accessible even while watching live TV, I think I can finally catch up to my missed soccer matches. Or I would, if I were the Lord. I am not the Lord. We still ended up watching our missed episodes on Netflix.


This Quantum dot TV really is smart! It’s gotta be the best smart TV! So smart that it made me do the right thing for my family!



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