Samsung Joins Esteemed Watch Community at Baselworld 2017

Switzerland on March 23, 2017
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Samsung Electronics is honored to join the mecca of watch enthusiasts at Baselworld 2017, bridging the gap between high technology and Swiss watch design heritage by showcasing the Gear smartwatch portfolio.


New custom watch straps, additional color variations of Gear S3, and exciting concept designs will be on display, in addition to the Gear smartwatch line with a focus on Samsung’s recently launched Gear S3. Inspired by the art of watchmaking, the Gear S3 combines the meticulous details and premium design elements found on a traditional watch with the smart technology innovations demanded in a smartwatch. The user benefits match the quality design – from water resistance and military-level durability, to a built-in speaker for calls, voice messaging and music streaming and standalone GPS to track fitness activities. The Gear S3 is designed to complement any watch collection and draws from the luxury timepieces on display at Baselworld.


“We understand that a watch is more than just a time keeper, it caters to personal style and interests. The Gear S3 takes convenience, style and innovation to the next level, while retaining a commitment to quality craftsmanship,” said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “The Gear S3 is more than just a smartwatch, it is a beautifully designed watch that puts a timeless spin on the smartwatch category, crafted for both watch aficionados and tech enthusiasts.”


Switzerland-based luxury watch designer, Yvan Arpa, will join Samsung at Baselworld to showcase three concept watches based on the Gear S3. The three concepts include a watch which may look like the Gear S3 at first glance, but is a traditional watch with Swiss-made movement and detail; an updated take on the Gear S3, taking premium finishes up a notch; and finally, a hybrid pocket concept watch version of the Gear S3. The partnership is a testament to Samsung’s ongoing focus to push traditional boundaries and deliver meaningful innovations.


“Samsung’s presence at Baselworld demonstrates the evolving world of technology and horology,” said watch designer, Yvan Arpa who was involved in the original design process of the Samsung Gear S3. “Samsung is committed to delivering quality craftsmanship in all of its products to reflect the heritage and evolution of the watch industry.”


In connection with Samsung’s presence at Baselworld, the company will also start rolling out a Value Pack during Baselworld 2017 for Gear S2 and Gear S3 customers. The update delivers even more content and lets users get more done with partner apps from top brands including Spotify and NEST. In addition, the update improves features like the Alti/Barometer, Reminder capabilities, and S Health.


Since Samsung premiered its first wearable device with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch in 2013, it has upheld its leadership position in the wearable space and continues to push boundaries by expanding its portfolio of diverse and innovative solutions that bring technology, services and convenience together. Samsung also offers various watch faces and straps for the Gear S2 and Gear S3, providing users with easy and stylish ways to customize their smartwatches for any lifestyle or daily activities.


As the world of technology and watches continues to evolve, Samsung will hold a press conference on March, 23, 2017. Located at the Samsung booth, it will feature Samsung Mobile’s Executive Vice President Younghee Lee, along with industrial designer Arik Levy and acclaimed watch designer and Gear S3 collaborator, Yvan Arpa.


Samsung with renowned watch designer, Yvan Arpa, displayed three concept watches based on the Gear S3 at Baselword 2017.


This concept has the aesthetic of the Gear S3, but features a Swiss-made movement and detail.


This concept is an updated approach to the Gear S3, with the same innovative technology and a fresh take on the design of the bezel and shape.


This concept, a hybrid pocket watch, really blends the world of traditional timepieces with today’s leading smartwatch technology.


(From left) A hybrid pocket watch, a watch that resembles the Gear S3 but features a Swiss-made movement, updated takes on the Gear S3 with new designs and finishes, and another Gear S3 featuring a Swiss-made movement.


New color variations of the smartwatch that also showcase new materials and finishes.

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